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  1. Hello @RyTHH, Unfortunately, as this was submitted by a third party, and your account information is not associated with this invoice, you will need to contact SMZ directly for more information about this order. I am sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. Hello @MultiSig Mike, Yes the Pedigree will transfer over. Thanks for checking!
  3. Hello @Mojo's Dojo, Thanks for contacting us! I am sorry for the confusion but happy to hear this was resolved for you over the phone yesterday. As always if you have any other questions, feel free to let us know! Regards,
  4. Hello @Virtual On, Thanks for contacting us. First I would like to confirm that books sent in for in-house signings with pressing requests are sent through pressing AFTER the signing takes place and not before. We will not press a book before the signing because the books would still have to be handled by the artists. Next, if your book is already encapsulated, please be sure to submit it in its holder and use the "RESUBMITTING"? button as seen below on our submission form to enter this book information. Finally, Please write CC/FM/JR/GM/RT/TO on all sides of the outside of the box. You must initial outside of the box or we will not be able to honor the submission for this signing.
  5. Hello! Great question! Yes these Signature Series Submissions do need to be in a window bag of some type. Whether you use our window bags or your own, it is a requirement that the submission arrives in a window bag. Thank you for your understanding. Regards,
  6. Hello @Hanszuloo, Can you send me a DM with your submission number, customer number, and if possible a photo of the packing slip? Sorry for the confusion this has caused!
  7. Hello @NAlmaria, Thanks for your patience! Turnaround times for all our tiers are updated every Friday (usually around 5 pm) based on what we have in-house at that time. When this was received into the system we received a large influx of card submissions that frankly our team was not expecting. We have diverted additional personnel and resources to assist in accommodating this huge influx but this has still caused delays past the estimated turnaround times for many of our customers. Rest assured, we are still working on these orders on a first come first serve basis and expect all these in-house to be finished up very shortly. At this time, that 30 Business day turnaround time is the best estimate for the completion of this order. Thanks for your patience.
  8. Hello! This submission was received on 2/20 through the UV service however you also requested imaging for this book. Imaging adds 10 business days to the total turnaround time in house. Rest assured you should be seeing an update on your submission tracking page HERE shortly. Thanks for your patience.
  9. Hello @scburdet, Thanks for contacting us. This was not an accidental omission. Our team reviewed this as an option but this was not approved to be an offered submission selection. I am sorry for the inconvenience. There are some options though like the one below that would assist you in getting 4 of the signatures you are missing. I hope this helps! Thanks for your understanding.
  10. @Chasing_keys hmm... Interesting. Can you send me a DM with a link to them? I want to review this with our graders for you.
  11. Hello! First I want to confirm we will need these books in hand to review. However you can learn about these defects/questions and more in our CGC Grading Guide (here). For the book missing the cover, Comics missing the front OR back cover receive a 0.5 grade. If the entire cover is missing it would receive an NG (No Grade) designation. Missing covers will not receive a qualified label UNLESS married parts are present. Missing Pieces from a cover will not garner a qualified grade but if there is missing pieces internally we will need the book in hand to review. I hope this helps!~
  12. Hello! Good Question! At this time, as there are many copies of this print run without these scratches (possibly print lines) these would count against the overall grade of the book. This is not a recognized error by CGC at this time. I am sorry for the inconvenience. Let us know if you have any other questions.
  13. Hello @Hematoma Sorry for any confusion this has caused. Yes these are considered Magazines because of their size. That said, because these were submitted with other comics, they were broken up into their own submission form. This will cause a separate shipping/handling fee to be applied as Magazines and Comics can not be shipped together due to the size of the holders. I am sorry for the confusion this may cause. Let us know if you have any other questions.
  14. Hello @Anthony Ruttgaizer, There are a few options in this case. Unfortunately, once a package leaves our facility, no changes can be made to the delivery for insurance purposes. Once the package is returned (and for any future submissions), you can set the delivery address to a FedEx office near you for your pick-up. This option can not be added en route, however. Also, if you have a PO Box, we can have these shipped to your PO Box using USPS instead. I hope this helps! Let us know if you have any other questions!
  15. Great question! @Ehnz In the case of Unlimited Value tier books, if the book is drastically undervalued, our graders will still bump the grading fee according to the FMV of the book. So in the scenario you mentioned, if this was the case, our graders would bump the pricing accordingly. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.