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  1. 150k would buy you a 9.2 of hulk #1 I know where my money would be going.
  2. I sold my first comics on ebay in a couple of years last weekend. no payment, no communication at all from the buyer in 8 days, Not time to worry yet, but annoying all the same.
  3. almost $800 deal with don flawless in every single way highest recommendation possible great guy full stop.
  4. bought a few times from Tom before he came here. An absolutely fantastic person not only to deal with, but a brilliant person full stop.
  5. a couple of new additions, couldn't be bothered scanning them, so just using the original listing pics
  6. I bought 4 'nm' Spidermans from him in the 117-139 range. they came back from CGC as (all blue label) 9.2, 9.2, 9.4, 9.4 so I've had no real complaints with them.
  7. not sure if this counts as silver age, but picked this one up very recently my first slabbed 'pre hero' ST.
  8. my first purchase for a while top census and a ped
  9. There's a good reason. I will explain the name change in a post later this evenin you should have just opened a new shill account seems to be the done thing
  10. what was the shipping cost on that lot ?
  11. excellent idea for a thread. if not stickied, hopefully it will be regularly bumped.
  12. UPDATE: Well, well... what do Ya know... I got home a few mins ago from work, and in My mail box is a missed mail notice in there, on the notice is the same tracking # He gave Me after shipping the comics. Looks like My fears, and complaints were false & premature. Tomorrow I will head over to the post office, and pic up My much anticipated package, YEEAAHH BAABYY! BTW" Took long enough though... sadly this is always a potential problem with any international shipment in November or December due to Christmas really impacting on the mail. very glad to hear it all worked out in the end for you
  13. some early bronze run fillers from blazingbob and from flaming telepath and a copper one
  14. importantly were they 6 slabs or 6 raws as there is no realistic way to send 6 slabs by airmail to the US or Canada without costing close to $100. (there's a 2kg weight limit for standard airmail) if it's gone surface mail to canada then there is a very real chance that the items are still en route, particularly as christmas has been in the middle. surface mail to canada is spectacularly slow, to the US very slow, but not quite as awesomely slow. I've had a surface mail package from canada take 7 weeks to get to me, even without christmas in the way. it's about a month my record from the states.
  15. 201-300 isn't really a priority of mine at the moment, so I only have half a dozen at the moment in 9.6/9.8 I'll eventually go for 201-300 in 9.6 or better