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  1. The third copy I posted (raw) was such - missing BC but had the FC attached. I got it from Terry O’Neill around 2007-08.
  2. Thankfully, it’s a relatively common pulp, Jon 😃
  3. Yes, 15 years ago this month on HA https://comics.ha.com/itm/golden-age-1938-1955-/superhero/marvel-mystery-comics-9-timely-1940-cgc-nm-94-off-white-pages/a/7007-91044.s?ic4=ListView-ShortDescription-071515
  4. Today, May 17, marks the 🎂84th anniversary 🎂 of the newsstand release of my favorite Timely, Marvel Mystery 9. I have fond memories of acquiring my first copy back in 1997 from Ted Van Liew @Superworld Here are the five copies I have owned/own since 1997. Schomburg depth art in full display with the elevated train tracks and civilian crowd in the background about to witness the pending titanic battle 🔥💪🏾💧 The bolts busting loose from the girders from Subby’s iron grip always grabbed me. This is the best Subby pose on a Timely for me, and a big ticket 🎟️ Timely for the old school collectors @Ameri@Tsp99 @VintageComics
  5. This is cool and I remember when you first created it. I think we should include the 9 (text sidebar) even though there are no characters in it 😀
  6. Here’s a close up of my #3. Schomburg’s superior detail with machinery (gauges, hoses, dials, and switches) is on display here while the mask of death is being lowered 😳 Blue Blaze’s full length swimming speedo always kills me 😛 Goodman’s trademark sidebar is in full effect 😎
  7. Is the Thing pin 📌 up page present?
  8. I’m still searching for the cover credits to the painting for this Ten-Story Love pulp (Feb, 1948). Thanks to @Ameri for the comic book swipe reference from June, 1951…and for this reference which may strongly suggest Alice Kirkpatrick as the artist in question 🤔 https://bleedingcool.com/comics/alice-kirkpatricks-so-good-its-discouraging-ace-romance-at-auction/
  9. Looks to be a stamp marking associated with the original retailer or second hand store. Or it could be a stamp by a previous owner. I have never seen that particular stamp before indicating anything short marking it as sold or owned.
  10. First glance, it looks like a nice black felt pen 🖊️ used at the top edge 😵