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  1. I'm on the hunt for some birthday presents for my father. He's a huge Captain America fan, and I know he'd be happy with just about any Cap-related comic or magazine. Problem is, I don't really know of anything left to get him! He has every issue of all of Cap's series, including one-shots, annuals, and limiteds. To my knowledge, he has every issue of every spinoff character (Nomad, Falcon, etc.), and every Avengers comic Steve has ever appeared in. He's got just about every Cap-related key issue a man could ever want. He's even got the Asthma Monster issues. Anything that would typically spring to mind to get a Cap collector, he's already got. So I'm looking for something way out there to get him- maybe like a fanzine with a cool Cap cover, or a book released only in another country, old rare preview magazine, something along those lines. To be honest, I dont even know where I would begin to look for something like that, so I was hoping I could tap into a bit of the infinite wisdom around here to find a book there's no way he would know about or own! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  2. If this is the case, do you think it's possible we start to see prices shoot up in runs like Iron Man, Silver Surfer, Subby, Doctor Strange, and Captain America even though they don't really have as much as Thor in terms of big keys?
  3. Yeah, I can see this book continuing to cool a bit, but there's no way it goes back to where it was pre-2021. Wanda seems to be one of the main faces of the MCU going forward, and the fan reaction to her is overwhelmingly positive.
  4. He honestly doesn't look half bad for the role. And his young age suggests he may be in the MCU for the long haul.
  5. Now that this thread is resurrected, does anyone think the list has changed since this thread was last relevant? I think ST110 and DD1 might be higher up these days.
  6. I agree with you on ASM1, DD1 and Avengers 1... but personally there's no way I could put FF5 over FF1 overall good list tho.
  7. I was looking through my Daredevils the other day and realized I have a cover in which DD is fighting every member of the 2012 Avengers roster except for Iron Man. Does anyone know a cover where those two fight, preferably from the Silver or Bronze Age? Thanks
  8. I believe the only other one is ASM #18. Edit: if you count flashbacks in the SA, there's also DD #53.
  9. Picked this up today. I always loved this cover, and plus I now have over half of the original 66!
  10. Picked up my first MoKF! Loving reading this series so far!
  11. To those more well-versed in Shang-Chi than I am, what was the peak of this series? Want to get into reading/collecting this character.
  12. The entry level for this book just keeps getting higher, even though mid grades are slipping. But wow, you weren't kidding, that's a ratty coverless copy! First wrap detached and story-affecting piece missing from the corner.
  13. Can't wait to see Stilt Man finally battle Frog Man on the big screen. If that doesn't beat Avatar, nothing can.
  14. No, I just picked it up cause it's a Miller cover on a DD appearance.
  15. Thanks for all your help everyone! I went ahead and picked up a few, but it looks like I have my work cut out for me if I want to get all of Miller's DD work! (Side note, if anyone happens to know where I could find a reasonably priced Comics Journal #58...)
  16. Apocalypse has ties to the Deviants and to Kang, so I could see him showing up in the future. Mister Sinister could sort of be the Loki to his Thanos. It seems like we're getting some street level stuff with She-Hulk and the Daredevil rumors, so Kingpin could also be a possibility.
  17. I agree. As individual characters start to get casted and confirmed, I'm sure we'll start to see movement in stuff like 2, 3, 12, 14, 28, 64, etc. Right now it's mostly just the super safe X-keys that are hot.
  18. I apologize if this is the wrong forum to post this in. I'm looking for issues featuring Daredevil that were worked on by Frank Miller outside the main DD run. So far I've found Spectacular Spider-Man 27 and 28, Man Without Fear miniseries, and FF Roast #1. Does anyone know any more? Thanks.
  19. That 1.8 is a great pickup, congrats on joining the club! I think your theory is probably right, the 1.8 was definitely an anomaly in the trend of this book.
  20. The .5 on CLink sold for $7500 But the 1.8 sold for less?
  21. I say go for it, if those are the issues you really want! I recently sold most of my Bronze and Copper keys to get an X-Men 1 and have no regrets.