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  1. There are five copies graded 9.0+ 9.0 (OW/W) 9.2 (OW/W) 9.2 (C/OW) Mohawk 9.4 (OW) Bethlehem 9.6 ?? (Could this be a White Mountain?)
  2. Would you know collection size and average quality? Is there an inventory? I remember bidding on some of the books...
  3. Been a fan of Doc Smith for most of my life, in reprint form. I have a couple of them as original Pulps as well.
  4. I did manage to get the Shasta Lake copy of JIM 57.
  5. I would like individual books to be graded by market value (approx) and set scores should include completion percentage, covers, and comments. The trick is how each gets weighted. Covers are simple, but comments need to be evaluated for quality, not just having some random text. Maybe: SlotScore * CompletionFraction * 80% + 10% for images + 10% for comments?
  6. www.comiconnect.com easy winner. The auto-scroll on the advanced search makes me nauseous and the ordering of the search results is never useful.
  7. There's been two enthusiastic bidders on TtA prehero issues in the last year. I've lost on a number of books. I view it as a temporary speed bump that will subside when they've filled out their collections. They have driven up prices... Patience.
  8. If we're part of the problem (by requesting scoring changes) we can also be part of the solution (by providing justification in detail)
  9. I have one slightly older Mile High II
  10. Has there ever been any information about the fate of the Kirby 5 pages of art?
  11. You've come to the 10c -> 12c transition, which I think DC initiated one month before Marvel. Is this transition significant regarding the economics of comic publishing? Is there a connection between this and Marvel not publishing any issues in October?
  12. Thank you for the great thread! I'm curious about the coloring of the original art. Who was the colorist and who made the decisions for e.g. the cover art?
  13. What about a presentation modifier? Set description, slot descriptions, front images, back images, ...?
  14. Will there be a completion bunus (that last filled slot pays off big) or an incompleteness penalty (having tons of empty slots really really hurts) or both? If one starts with f = occupied slots / total slots The set score could be modified by multiplying by f, or for more extreme adjustments f*f or sqrt(f) depending on the desired result. A drawback of this system is that collectors collecting a subset of a set would probably ask for that subset to become a new set to avoid a bad modifier. I personally like having slots scored by fair market price (as much as possible) and set scores having modifiers for occupancy and presentation.
  15. The 25 grading points are the grades from 0.5 to 10.0, and they seem to be auto-generated. If we look at the grades from 8.0 to 9.6, they are in the following ratios: 0.42, 0.67, 1.0, 1.5, 3.0, 5.0 so they seem to auto-generated from one source value. I assume that the 49 different grading categories are also auto-generated from the one source value? In which case there's only 297,985 slots to score? The 49*25 is then automatic.
  16. Just bite the bullet. Pick your poison. Color boxes are the current scoring system.
  17. I'm not much for collecting the variants, but I do believe that any item graded by CGC deserves a slot in at least one set.
  18. Suppose users can generate custom sets based on a Complete set. For example, I want a specific artist run on a comic and I can mark each issue of the Complete set as Enable/Disable. The Disabled slots become invisible, and what is left is my customized version. That could even work for issues between titles if a massive "Complete Silver Age" (for example) set was available for customizing. Some thought would be required for set scoring and set awarding...
  19. On the topic of scoring a slot: Why not team up with Overstreet? Set the reference value of a slot (Universal Blue 9.0) to the Overstreet 9.2 value. Once a year they update the pricing guide and then all set scores are automatically updated by software that uses their database (assuming they have a database...). Yes, that ties slot scoring to $ but I like that personally. With the 9.0 reference value, all other slot grades can be automatically generated.
  20. This thread seems very unfocused and I'm having a hard time narrowing it down to the real issues. What exactly is/are the problems? All of the below? (1) Individual issue scoring (2) Set scoring (3) Set awarding (4) Set variant explosion It seems to me that one resource we do have access to is the census. Why not use it to help scoring? We should be rewarding difficulty, right? I realize that scarcity in census can be due to real scarcity or to indifference. Either way, it's hard to own the single graded copy of any issue.