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  1. When they changed their prices in April a few of us noticed that while we were charged the old rates for grading, the sub-grades fee was the new price not the old one. Get them to send you an account statement and check what they charged you for Sub-grades
  2. They put job adverts out for graders for Yu-Gi-Oh cards a while back so cannot imagine it will be too long.
  3. I had two bulk with subgrades orders received 2/15. One of the orders has now shipped back to me. It sat in Grading/Encapsulation/Imaging for at least a month and then Grading/Quality Control for about a week Second order still in Grading/Encapsulation/Imaging
  4. I had a bulk submission that was delivered 2/15 switch to Quality Control/Finalised last night
  5. Hi, Trying to get an answer on an issue on my account statement, Emailing Accounting direct doesn't get a response. Emailing Customer service and getting them to message accounting doesn't get a response. Thought I'd try this way. May 20th - You sent me an account statement I replied highlighting two issues Immediate response by Jose to fix issue one I email Jose and accounting back about fixing issue 2 - No response June 1st I email Jose and Accounting asking for an update on issue 2 - no response June 21st I email Customer service asking for an update as accounting aren't replying June 23rd Justin emails be back saying he has passed my query onto the accounting team July 13th - Chased customer service and accounting again - Email from Justin saying he has CC'd in account to reply - again no response July 23rd I email accounting and customer service for an update as i still have heard nothing since May 20th - another response saying account cc'd in - again no response. Issue on statement is order 3824668 has a fee for sub-grades applied when i submitted it without sub-grades. I have provided photos of the packing slip and confirmation email showing this. Can i please get an updated account showing i will not get charged for sub-grades.
  6. Just got a sub back in the old packaging instead of the new packaging. Maybe they have listened to us
  7. I have just had to return one with this extra character still in the name on the label: https://www.cgccomics.com/certlookup/3829836059/ This is the first out of dozens where they have made the mistake with these extra characters though
  8. Hi, I have had lots of cards graded through yourselves. On the latest batch one of the cards rattles in the slab and the label looks bent up at the bottom instead of seated properly in its place like normal. I have never had a card be able to move so freely in the slab before. Is it acceptable to send this back to be reslabbed or am I just being too picky? Thanks
  9. Nope, Turnaround times start from when the package is delivered to CGC. They have recently updated the shipping instructions to say that standard subs are now separated the same as Express and Walkthrough so they are opened quicker. https://www.cgccomics.com/news/article/9110/ccg-turnaround-times/
  10. I had the same issue. Grading fee was fine but sub grades were new price. Just email them and they quickly rectified it for me
  11. I believe they record opening all the packages so should be able to show proof.
  12. I apologise but you’re wrong. Check the news section from last week. https://www.cgccomics.com/news/article/9110/ccg-turnaround-times/
  13. It will just be added to the normal submissions pile. Believe they are opening packages from week beginning March 22nd Currently
  14. Check the news section. They put a statement out about this a few days ago. Apparently it’s when it arrives in the warehouse
  15. I’ve been a middle man in the UK for 6 months at the point. If you are sending 11 cards bulk with subgrades you will be paying the cost to ship them there, $25 per card to grade them, $100 for return shipping (without insurance), potentially $3 fee from your bank for non GBP payment, plus potential £21 customs fee. It’s cheaper to use a middle man
  16. I have this with every large submission I do. Go back to it 12-18 hours later and it seems to work fine.
  17. If you mean it hasn’t been checked into the the system yet I.e doesn’t appear in your submission list after 90 days this is an error. They are running behind with this yeah, but it still only take around 20 business days. I would give them a call if you mean it hasn’t been graded then they are working on the second week of December, unfortunately this seems to have been the case for about three weeks now though.
  18. Thanks, I have messaged them and they have already responded. As always I am impressed with the level of customer service provided
  19. My express arrived 17th March, received 18th of March and switched to scheduled for grading today. Looking good currently
  20. one of my cards came back with what appears to be a fibre inside the case. Normally if this happened it wouldn’t bother me but it’s quite a valuable card. is it possible to get this removed and recased? if so how do I go about doing this without having to pay the $100 minimum internationally shipping fee?
  21. If you are waiting multi week then they prob missed the walkthrough label on the outside of the box. My express that was delivered on the 17th was on the system on the 18th
  22. My express service was delivered Wednesday and on the system Thursday. I put express in big letters on every side of the box so the workers couldn’t miss it.