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  1. Sleeving cards before sliding into a toploader (or even without a toploader) helps to avoid scratches on the surface of the card. Especially when a holofoil is concerned, as some tend to be delicate to many forms of dust/hairs/etc... It's mainly just an extra precaution if you're looking for a high grade. Many people (like me, in the past) just look at centering and corners and think "yeah dude! This is a 10!" Only to find out that our mishandling/storage defeated our expectations. Nox Vidmate VLC
  2. Thank you for your question. Yes, we will have a population report in the future. Speed Test
  3. Actually, I might have to add one more goal to the list - now that I recently bought my first Kaluta piece (to add to my Jeff Jones and BWS pieces), I probably need to get a good Wrightson piece to replace the Frankie plate I sold to help finance a property purchase this year so I can complete my "The Studio" collection. Though, the timetable on that is open-ended; it doesn't have to be something I get in 2020. Showbox jiofi.local.html tplinklogin
  4. A colored version of the black and white Star Wars #7 Boba Fett action figure variant cover. Signed by Jeremy Bulloch, with cover colors by Steven Butler. NoxVidmate VLC
  5. Patience is a virtue. I have been Speed Test watching this book for close to two years. I have always wanted to pair it with my other two Eternal Soulfire books. The seller wanted an astronomical amount of money for it. We bantered back and forth on several occasions and finally we came to a reasonable agreement. Happy to add this Stiegerwald to the Soulfire collection.....
  6. But I cannot add it to the proper slot in my Registry or my Custom set. I am not getting any notice that it is in anyone else's set. I get an Error message stating that there is an issue with the website and the error message was sent to an administrator. This has been happening yesterday and this morning. Is anyone else having issues? If it is just me I will contact CGC. It it is affecting everyone I would expect them to be working on it. Thanks!!! Showbox jiofi.local.html tplinklogin
  7. ; it will stand out and pop. I also may not agree with 8.0 but I can understand it. An exceptional 7.0 or 7.5 may be our shared opinion but since CGC only assigns 1 numbered grade, 8.0 may have been how they saw this on that day. Nox Vidmate VLC
  8. yeah. I'm closer to this. y? Because we love you! Showbox jiofi.local.html tplinklogin
  9. I am waiting for CGC to start the sports cards grading division, but when will sports cards start to be accepted ? Approx date would be great. Speed Test
  10. Simply put, you connect one book to another by any means necessary. It can be simple, obscure, ingenious, crafty or as tenuous as you like. Nox Vidmate VLC
  11. Only have a second to post, and I don't know if it's been suggested- I've mentioned many times that the OP shouldn't mention what they feel the grade is for the book they're posting. May be no big deal, but I like to have a clean palate when grading Speed Test.
  12. Not sure if you guys could help me out....Has anyone bought any oriignal art from the Neal Adams Store within the last year or so? I bought a piece of art but never received a paper COA. If you did reoieve one with your art could you let me know what it looks like?
  13. I don’t want to risk anything happening that’ll make the condition worse! Showbox jiofi.local.html tplinklogin