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  1. That's nice money for 4 all the same, I bought the set from Felix with bonus ones, which btw were packaged amazingly. I'm having them framed for Xmas & then I'll post a group shot
  2. One post every 4 days? You make me feel positively loquacious. I'll read your response on the first. Yeah, with my timetable - the first of never..
  3. First off - "Yo Gaz, how ya doing?" (thumbs u Secondly, I discovered the CGC just after getting into the hobby in 2005, found a CGCd book on Ebay & was like, what the hell's this? looked up CGC, bought my first book and joined the CS, but it was another 9-12 months before I ventured onto the boards. I have never said very much, still don't ( as you can see by my post count) but like others I have read these boards every day since I joined (see date on left!) I like it here because I feel a part of something larger and it keeps me up to date with current comic events (literally & figuratively)
  4. I have loved Aaron's Thor & promoted it, but I'm afraid I've also culled the new incarnation from the pull list for the upcoming 'chick flip' - I'm not sexist... but I don't relate to, or enjoy female orientated stories, or while we're on the subject female sports - so stop ruining my day with she-male gods & prime time ladies cricket
  5. That was a great interview & pretty informative as well,
  6. Looks good, I know he's not everybody's cup of tea, but I love Riley's artwork
  7. Funny you should mention this, I've been selling heavily thru my store for 2/3 months, the last week has been a graveyard for me - worst since beginning of May & I only sell BIN's
  8. That page is great, thanks - it really whet's the appetite
  9. I tried to cover my bases on this one & pre-ordered from three different outlets
  10. My last order was thrown together as well, after many excellent packages - hope this isn't a trend
  11. My online retailer Ace / Economic Comics in the UK is taking orders on it
  12. This is something I've been looking at as well, definite potential...
  13. Thanks for the info, lots of excitement around this book both on the reading & speculating fronts
  14. +1, bought & read the entire run of Proof in one go ! This is a definite for me
  15. I also have the Marvel Graphic Novel collection and it's bent more than one of my shelves under its' weight !! Comic rooms demand uniformity and straight shelf lines so you have to move it to the bottom "For the love of god Jim (Supernovaa) the structural integrity canni handle it"
  16. I'm holding mine for CGC SS plus Recalledcomics.com should have an article about it at some point which should drive up the price +1 I'm also holding onto mine for CGCing'
  17. Does anyone have any info on 'Amazing World Of Gumball' #1 supposed to be out this week but seems not to be, my 5 yr old has been excited about this for a month and I fear I'm going to get relegated to 'bad dad' status by my daughter
  18. Tell me about it.. !! I got my first neg in over 1000 feedbacks the other month when I had the gall to ask a buyer to honour a transaction when he asked to drop out of a purchase cause he'd found the same item cheaper by £1, I said to him I'd have been more likely to say yes if he spun me a yarn, he responded with the worst series of abusive emails I've ever received and he negged me and gave me 1 star ratings - without even paying !! I sent ebay the emails, filed a complaint, etc., used their process & still they refuse to remove the neg and the poor stars
  19. Love the room, only thing that's lacking is a bigger TV, you could fit a 50" in there...
  20. Nowhere Men still moving for me, 3 separate lots sold, a #1 variant set, a #2 #3 #4 #5 set & a #1 - #6 set for about $250 in total, at this rate I'm going to have to buy more to resell...
  21. Undoubtedly my favourite artist at the mo, there's such a confidence in his work, a man at the top of his game - I look forward to each issue like pancakes when I was young !
  22. As a UK buyer I have had nothing but the best service and decent shipping prices, also their packaging is top notch. On the topic of grading I have sent in their NM's to CGC (blind) and received 9.8's and 8.5's, it's quite a range from 9.4, but it's worth it when you're stocking a raw and graded collection of the same title at the same time and don't want to pay 9.6/9.8 prices.