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  1. In homage to Ryan I put my Nowhere Men poster in to be framed today, £20 for custom framing including dry mounting !! Although when the female assistant asked if I wanted dry mounting a number of heads turned I'll post a picture when I pick it up next Wednesday
  2. I'm not as digitally social as others on here, which harms my potential for help I'm still learning to communicate with my wife and kids !!
  3. Me too, I have mine pre-ordered (thumbs u
  4. With all the talk of primary and secondary markets etc., I'd be interested to know if Nick Spencer and the Image 'head honchos' are happy with the sales of Bedlam, if they are hitting targets and have plans to increase/decrease print runs? ( BTW I now have all the Bedlam #1's , including that one people love to hate. Just waiting for the Detroit Fanfare to arrive, never doubt my commitment to this book as I had to pay $42 postage for it, a single raw book to arrive from the U.S, but that what I get for being a completionist )
  5. It's been really nice reading what you have to say E.S and I have to say that you sound like the voice of reason, sometimes on these boards we can get a little over excited about things and it's nice to have another perspective - We value your input (thumbs u
  6. Dude, where can I get me one of those 'Morrisoncon' variants? I needs me one bad, I've looked on tinternet and can't find any I have all the covers, except that one, to be without one cover is well, ... hellish !!
  7. That damage definitely stopped me from bidding on it, I was mulling it over all week. Also the fact that he took 16 days to send me a book from Derby to North Wales the week before didn't help, I think he mailed it on a bakewell tart and all the posties were stopping to sample it
  8. Alright mate, nice to see another UK boardie - welcome and looking forward to seeing those Saga pics
  9. How can you speculate on the thoughts and motives of Spencer and Riley when you have absolutely nothing to back it up? Truth of the matter: We do not know why Riley quit. I am sure he had good reason, though...You don't typically pick up and leave a book you helped create after only six issues when it is selling 25k copies every month and the original art is selling very well. The money would encourage you to stay. I wish Riley well, and I look forward to seeing what comes next for him. As do I, but to ask on a chat board how I can speculate is a little pernickety. We are here to discuss trending matters in comics, which I believe this is one, until we are told definitively why it happened, we are entitled to formulate and speculate ideas and reasons, there is no need to be defensive on their behalf because I too hold them in great regard and wish them no ill will, but until I know the reason, I will speculate as to why it happened - thanks for your input, as is your right
  10. Thanks fella, that's what she keeps telling me!
  11. I've been married 12 years this year and my wife still surprises me, how this for a present - the post arrives and I notice a package addressed to her, that I know from the packaging is comics "what's that?" I ask her, "why don't you open it and find out" she says with a coy grin. Well imagine my surprise when it's Bedlam #1 NYCC sketch and colour variants, her - "happy birthday", me - "but it's not for a month", her - "I didn't think you'd want me handling them all that time and as you're always banging on about Bedlam and how it's going to be real popular soon, I thought we'd better get them while we can still afford them !" She paid £130 including postage for the two - Go wifey! (Sarah) <3 (And they're minty, and the seller packed a MTG #1 freebie!)
  12. Yeah and when he wakes up after being tazered, everyone will have a good laugh I really enjoyed #4 as well, read it fast but that was okay, I like some scene setting and intrigue!
  13. You had me all excited there the answer - not yet!
  14. I had mine bluetacked to the wall (I got it free from my online comic shop about a month before it came out), it's going in a frame now !! nice work
  15. Still ten hours before I get to read it here I need my Bedlam fix
  16. Wow, you had me running to my shelves on that one, - luckily unaffected, phew
  17. How many issues are you looking at for the first arc?
  18. Yeah, any hints, , go on - just one... Loving the book so far, keep up the good work
  19. I will make sure to ask Nick Spencer when I hopefully meet him at the end of the month (thumbs u Matt are you going to LSCC? Oh can anyone tell me where E.S posted, I can't find it but to be honest I haven't been looking very hard It'd be cool to ask him, but whether he'd say, I'm not sure, might be too early in the story arc I was hoping to go but no one to help out at home while I'd be away
  20. Andy, I think it's too much of a coincidence in the use of the title Bedlam and the character, the First, as I'm sure you're aware bedlam was a popular name for 'the first' mental asylum - St. Mary's of Bethlehem in London. With Nick Spencer being British he could be aware of this or researched it, so as you speculated before I think 'the First' was the first patient/serial killer to be treated by the doctor.. There is always a chance that he could be related to Filmore or Filmore could have been a disciple or acolyte of 'the First' before his conversion - thoughts?
  21. God, I love that !! The first time I saw his art I was blown away and continue to be. This series would be even better if Riley was doing the cover art as well, I'm not a huge fan of Frazer Irving and I think initial sales suffered because of the mediocre base covers, IMHO
  22. Carters Sig line it doesn't look like they labeled it. They damn sure didn't label it. I brought up the same issue on this thread a while back. When are they going to start labeling them? I've had this issue with other books, if you send Gemma an email she'll look into it get back to you and probably ask you to send them in for re-labelling. The graders only go on what she has listed for every issue, if it wasn't for her you'd probably be lucky to get an issue number on them !