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  1. Before the CGC and CSG merge, turn around times for sports cards were 10-15 working days. Now after the merge, they are up to 60 for bulk. Will the merge affect turn around times for sports cards. Used to grade every month or so and now scared to send in any more cards due to the turn around time has quadrupled.
  2. Very understandable, hope the staff and everyone is staying safe in these tough times, thank you CSG
  3. Big Question For Admins, I had a bulk submission that showed received and entered into the system and after 11 business days of being on received, it just disappeared(9/28/2022). Was wondering if that was due to the affect of Hurricane Ian?
  4. 2/8 36 cards no subs/: finalized/shipped 7/13 2/8 14 cards with subs: grading/quality control 7/16 i find it funny how they can grade 36 cards in 2 days and get them shipped out but its been 3 working days and im still waiting on 14 cards to be finished from that same date and same order😂😭😭😭 why does cgc do this to me
  5. 2/8 no subs: finalized shipped 7/13 2/8 subgrades: grading/Quality control 7/16 I wonder if I will be able to see my grades before this weekend. I hope so
  6. 2/8 no subgrades: finalized shippex 7/13 2/8 with subgrades: still grading/encapsulate/imaging Why is it days later for my other 14 cards ti get graded when i sent them in as 1 submission. I understand that it has subs, but days later and its in a glitch and im still waiting on my cards to get graded while my other ones are on the way back. Just confused at this point. Since its been days later and no movement on the cards with subs.
  7. with domestic and registered mail coming back to you, do you need to pick it up at the post office, or will they have you sign at your front door?
  8. Ahhhh makes sense, it just confuses me that if you have sub-grades, it takes significantly longer than no subs. Because you get the grade of a regular no sub by finding the 4 corners,edges,surface,and centering. You just don't have to type it in per card. It just doesnt make since to me that it takes them days longer if i send my order in 1 bulk sub and they get done at 2 separate times due to me still waiting on 14 out of the 50 cards i sent in to get graded, while the other 36 are shipped back already
  9. Thanks, do you have subs on your cards, because im still waiting on 14 with subs that is still stuck in that glitch “grading/encapsulation/imaging”
  10. The first bulk sub is 2/8:finalized/shipped 7/13 The second bulk sub with subs still in grading/imaging
  11. i hope so, i only have 50 total cards in both of my subs combined so just 14 of them have subs. I hope its done by friday, how long did it take for them to put the grades into the spreadsheet that they use on pc when looking at your cards?
  12. 2/8 bulk: grading/quality control 2/8 bulk w/ subs: grading/imaging so my first sub went into grading/quality control today 7/12. Does anyone have any subs around this time that I am able to compare to, my heads been messed up since this "glitch/hack" due to being so close for me to get my cards returned? Would be helpful since this chat is about turn around times and discussion about this glitch which should have been addressed publicly on the website so there is no confusion.
  13. Its their weekend off, they work mon-fri, so i wouldn't expect a fix until monday, but we’ll see. Its just very unprofessional to leave thousands of people in the dirt
  14. so, as it looks, my cards are not actually in grading, looks to be that it was just a mishap with their computers. Just wondering when its all going back to normal, or are my cards actually getting graded because they have been scheduled to get graded for over a month now? just upset due to getting so excited.
  15. My 2 subs are updated 7/8 2/8 bulk: grading/imaging 2/8 bulk w/ subs: grading/imaging approx how long will it be until i get my cards back do you guys think?
  16. How big was each submission, because ive heard lower amount of cards in submissions get out days faster than high amount of cards in a submissions but i dont know if thats true. I have 2 subs in right now 2/8 bulk: scheduled for grading 2/8 bulk with sub grades: scheduled for grading with the time dropping too by like 30 days, im hoping to see my cards back soon due to me sending them in when the tat time was 45 days
  17. Submission Type: Bulk 36 cards no sub Received: 2/8 Submission Type: bulk 14 cards w/ subs Received: 2/8 looks like im going to be coming up pretty soon hopefully MOVEMENT 🙂👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻🙂 Submission Type: Bulk 36 cards no sub Received:2/8 scheduled for grading 6/11 Submission Type: bulk 14 cards w/ subs Received: 2/8 AHHHHH MOVEMENT, CANT WAIT TO GET MY COLLECTION BACK!!!
  18. Submission Type: Bulk 36 cards no sub Received: 2/8 Submission Type: bulk 14 cards w/ subs Received: 2/8 looks like im going to be coming up pretty soon hopefully😭
  19. How long does it usually take for a 50 card sub bulk take to go from received to the next step?
  20. Same here, their just backed up a bit, it takes time, they picked up my package on monday, but i called on friday, they were opening packages up from the 22nd. We all just have to be patient and get extra excited for our awesome submissions