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  1. Take the following per PM Strange Tales #95 VG Strange Tales #92 VG Tales To Astonish #15 GD Tales to Astonish #14 GD+
  2. Long live the King! I had the honor of congratulating KOR on his 10K post in person today. Enjoyed talking about the early days of the boards.
  3. I received the contest prize Mylars and Fullbacks in the mail already. Thanks again Domo for the fun contest! In the note he attached in the package he indicated that this was the first "Where's Waldomo" contest. So maybe more to come?
  4. Also, during the dry season, the third Saturday of each month, Harley brings his "B" stock for those in the area.
  5. Thank you so much for hosting this contest and providing us with an entertaining diversion! I will choose option 4, because I am in need of some supplies. I will PM you shortly. Thanks again!
  6. Sure, here was my thought process in regards to the clues. In the official rules, Domo said that the picture is somewhere on Earth. Gut feeling is that it is not in the US, or he would have probably stated so. Clues 1 and 2 - Not enough info to search with. Increased the exposure of the upper right snippet and saw that the trees did not appear to be of the evergreen or tropical variety. Clue 3 - After a lot of searching, determined that this was the WWII era searchlight emplacement in Shoeburyness England. Began going up and down every street in the area looking for matching clouds or trees. Friday between 7:52 and 7:53 Domo changed the color of the word "CLUE #" from all blue to blue and red in the first 3 clues. Blue and Red are the primary colors of the British flag. Significant? Not sure. Clue 4 - Not seeing any sidewalks or guard rails. Slightly out of focus like a motion blur or lens distortion. Still looking in Shoeburyness. Clue 5 - Still no evidence of a city street and the ground appears worn or less green like a path. The compass indicator tells me that the view is looking west, so the street direction could be North and South. Clue 6 - Some blue sky is now showing. I had assumed that the sky would be completely overcast because of the clouds in clue 1 and overall darkness of the other squares. Beginning to feel that this in the country somewhere and starting to expand the search to Stonehenge and castle ruins. Clue 7 - More worn grass, still looking at landmarks and Shoeburyness. Clue 8 - Quickly identified as the London Eye ferris wheel. So 100% certain it will be in England somewhere. Begin looking in the London area at the street view to see if anything matched, but too many city details. Clue 9 - Confirms that this view is in the country. So what would Shoeburyness and London have to do with the location? I began thinking that if the next clue brought us to another city then maybe it is heading in the direction of the final location. I started looking at cities further west and realized that the River Thames flowed from the west. I kept zooming in on the map and "Followed" (Clue 3) the river to the west to see where it went. It got more difficult because the river got smaller. (Clue 8 - "It grew from small, to bigger in size"). When I got to the Official source of the River Thames, I saw that there were no streets that went right by it. I clicked on the Google Street view man anyway and saw that hiking (?) trail called Wysis Way lit up blue. I plopped the man down on the part of the trail closest to the River Source and oriented the view to the west. I immediately recognized the skyline, but it took me almost an hour to stand in the exact spot and get everything lined up.
  7. I just cropped it a bit much. Here is the greenery on the left.
  8. It is the official source of the River Thames. I figured that the commonality of Shoeburyness and London was the River Thames. I followed the river on Google Maps to try and find the westernmost point. I then followed the trail on Wysis Way until I saw a familiar horizon. This was all done on Google Maps and not with an image search.
  9. I'm in. Many years ago, I was driving home and saw the Google Street View car taking pictures of every road off of US 1 FL. So I parked my van on the corner as the Google car came out of the neighborhood and waved at the cameras. I then followed the car to the subsequent side streets and parked on the corner each time and waited for the cameras to pass by. So for someone using Street view going down US 1, my van was on every corner for a mile or so. #GoogleStreetViewFamous.
  10. I still have everything in a Photobucket folder as well as hard drive backup. I am guessing 1.8-2K images and animations that mostly span 2007-2014. I also have most of the boardie pictures posted during that time period.