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  1. I too can’t see all my submissions current and past. Even my registry has become zero when I was at top 50
  2. Where can I find a list of events CSG will be present at for the year? At the website I can only see recent ones CSG plans to attend
  3. Does CSG authenticate nba cards with in person autos?
  4. CSGs dropped the minimum bulk to 25 cards, you should be ok
  5. Congrats! I’m still waiting for you guys to drop by Dallas card shows so I can walk in my Duncan rubies and credentials :-)
  6. I wish they included CSg 10 pristine into consideration and not juast bundling it with gem mint 10. Its very hard to get a CSG 10 and am very proud of my only one with more than 200+ subs. I am disappointed there but will definitely not reholder that and keep the old green label here. Plus, those of us who paid subgrades should not be charged a reholder fee since we paid the extra for subgrades
  7. theyre turnaround times turning out to be pretty good, despite the additional ebay load. Not sure if I will trust most of those videos 100%. Although I do want to hear what CSG or eBay says. It's just a lot of those youtuber persnalities (not all) have vested interests and are sometimes guilty of hyping and trying to manipulate the market
  8. Old school collector here. Just one of the cards from a small submission. Been submitting since they opened and will continue to do so.
  9. I’m pretty sure at one point the label will evolve. Just look at SGC, BGS and PSA labels through their histories
  10. Shill bid. Probstein notorious for those. Check their negative feedback
  11. It’s good marketing for CSG but I worry how this would affect turnaround times
  12. Thank you! Looking forward to those dates!
  13. looking at their events lineup seems like theyre getting more active in shows. Sadly, no Dallas card show yet :-(
  14. any of you guys have IG? Let's make this a post on IG accounts so we can connect hobby collectors and CSG submitters. Easier to answer questions real time via IG msg and we can look at each others CSG slabs maybe even make trades I'll start - jdmtdcollector PS I post the more substantial CSG cards sent , I have subbed more that are not shown there and I do sub to PSA, BGS and SGC. Most of the cards there are raw and a lot still needed to get graded. A few are with CSG.
  15. Have sent in over a hundred mostly modern pre panini cards. Only got one CSG 10 pristine. Sent 30 to PSA before they closed, similar cards, got 5 PSA 10s
  16. Type the name of the card on ebay and then search. There is a filter that you can use in the search engine, choose sold items, it will show you the prices of items sold. However for Best offer accepted items, it will only show you the original buy it now price, not the accepted offer. There is a website called 130point.com that allows you to see the actual accepted prices. Local card shops are also great sources. Not all card shops are built the same though. There are card shops where the owners are very helpful. Post a list of your cards here, there are a few people here that may be able to help you too.
  17. I made some subs with SGC when turnaround times got bad in CSG and cant get myself to like the slab. I guess its cool for some but I like clearer slabs like BGS, PSA and CSG. The slab also feels very cheap and yes they are very easy to crack.
  18. They definitely are faster. Hoping to see more improvements like an app and pop reports. I hope theyd go to dallas card show too and not just tampa bay and chicago
  19. buy it now and dont let them push you. if the cards worth it, someone will buy