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  1. Yeah, someone in the neighborhood dropped it off on my porch a few days ago. I closed the Fedex case, but still a bitter taste for their carelessness.
  2. I sent in 12 cards on the first day CSG opened just to see what happens. None of these are spectacular and I didn't expect any 10s. Just some old cards I had in boxes that I wanted to test the waters with. I used economy. I now know that '89 Upper Deck is slightly wider than the standard size cards, so the UD Griffey Jr. Got a SU label. People have mentioned on youtube and in these boards already. Biggest surprise was my Topps Griffey came back a Tiffany. Haven't seen a rookie Griffey Topps Tiffany on Ebay yet - what might it be worth in CSG 9? On par with PSA?
  3. I personally like amazon's delivery much better. A photograph of the delivery I think is more effective than a blind signature. I know that anything can happen AFTER the photograph, but at least there is evidence that the package was there at some point. I think it comes down to drivers rushing and not triple checking where they are delivering. It doesn't seem that difficult in my mind, but I don't deliver packages.
  4. My 89 UD Griffey Jr. also came back "oversized" with an SU label. Charged and everything
  5. My 89 UD Griffey Jr. also came back "oversized" with an SU label. Charged and everything.
  6. Well, I don't know if a good neighbor came by, or Fedex just dumped it off - but it showed up on my porch today. Good to go, crisis averted.
  7. Edit: Someone in my neighborhood ended up dropping it off on my doorstep a few days after I reported it missing. I was excited to get my return back, I shipped my cards the first day the shop opened. I had submitted 9 cards all with subgrades - nothing too spectacular, old ken Griffey Jrs and some Michael Jordans. To my surprise, a '89 Topps Griffey came back a 9.0 Tiffany to highlight the bunch. It gets shipped, and of course it requires a signature. I'm not home three consecutive days (Thu, Fri, Sat), and it sucks because I'm home MOST of the time on telework. Now what? I get conflicting Fedex status updates after that. One says will be delivered Sunday, another says the "LAST" delivery attempt was made (with no follow up directions). Sunday: estimated to be delivered by the end of the day, but was never out for delivery. Monday (today): Estimated by the end of the day, and hey! It's on the truck out for delivery. I'm waiting for this thing all day and I get a notification on my phone... delivered? It's not on my porch. I immediately hop in the car to rush the my post office to see if they turned it over to them by chance. The postal clerk said sometimes they do, but not today. I walk back outside and coincidentally there is a guy in a fedex shirt driving a Penske truck with packages in the back. I explain what's going on and he's either full of **** doesn't care/remember. I immediately called the Fedex help line and they opened a claim. I looked at the proof of receipt and my signature was a straight line, and my name was spelled wrong Not sure what happens from here. They said to call in 24 hours for an update on the investigation. Of course of all packages I've ever gotten, the most expensive one gets presumably stolen. Sorry just ranting here, but be aware of your shipping method when you do the order slips. I'd be better off if the signature WASN'T required. I'll take my chances on the porch. I'm doing USPS if there is ever a next round.