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  1. 1990 FLEER #513 KEN GRIFFEY JR. CSG 7.5 1001611019 1990 SCORE #560 KEN GRIFFEY JR. CSG 8 1001611020 1990 TOPPS #336 KEN GRIFFEY JR. CSG 7 1001611015 1991 DONRUSS #49 KEN GRIFFEY JR. CSG 8.5 1001611017 1991 FLEER #710 KEN GRIFFEY JR./BARRY BONDS CSG 8.5 1001611016 1992 STADIUM CLUB DOME #70 KEN GRIFFEY JR. CSG 8 1001611005 1992 STADIUM CLUB DOME #70 KEN GRIFFEY JR. CSG 9 1001611006 1992 STADIUM CLUB #603 KEN GRIFFEY JR. CSG 8.5 1001611004 1993 FLEER #10 KEN GRIFFEY JR. CSG 7 1001611009 1993 STADIUM CLUB #591 KEN GRIFFEY JR. CSG 8 1001611007 1993 STUDIO #96 KEN GRIFFEY JR. CSG 8.5 1001611008 1994 BOWMAN'S BEST #40 KEN GRIFFEY JR. CSG 8 1001611002 1994 POST CEREAL #15 KEN GRIFFEY JR. CSG 6 1001611018 1997 BOWMAN'S BEST INTERNATIONAL #BBI2 KEN GRIFFEY JR. CSG 6 1001611012 1998 TOPPS MYSTERY FINEST #M20 KEN GRIFFEY JR. CSG 5.5 1001611003 1999 FINEST #101 KEN GRIFFEY JR. CSG 8 1001611013 1999 FINEST #256 KEN GRIFFEY JR. CSG 7.5 1001611014 2004 SPX SUPERSCRIPTS STARS #SU-KG KEN GRIFFEY JR. CSG 8.5 1011868001 2007 UPPER DECK PREMIER NOTEWORTHY AUTOGRAPHS #NW-KG KEN GRIFFEY JR. CSG 8.5 1011868002 2008 UPPER DECK SPECTRUM BUYBACK AUTOGRAPHS #KG3 KEN GRIFFEY JR. CSG 9 1004635001
  2. Unfortunately, even though CGC (their comics grading business) has been around for years and they made some hires from BGS, this group is still a start up and seems to have missed leveraging off the lessons learned and processes used in the more mature businesses. Case in point #1: Sent in books to CGC at the same time as cards to CSG. The comic book side has links to the shipping tracking info when I click on the link of "shipped". My cards were just listed as "shipped" and showed up in my mailbox 5 business days after marked as "shipped". The comic side allows me to see the grader's notes as why a book got the grade. Nothing like that on the card side. Case in point #2: Conflicts within their own policies their "Legal Terms and Conditions" https://www.csgcards.com/legal/terms-and-conditions/ #13. A Company has the right in its sole discretion to reject any collectibles submitted for Services in cases where the submitted collectibles do not comply with a Company’s then-current standards and procedures set forth on its website. Because even collectibles that are ultimately rejected must still be received, tracked and examined, fees for Services shall not be refunded for such rejected collectibles. This statement clearly conflicts with what Matt G posted above regarding "SU"
  3. Maybe they should update their list of cards that they do not grade to include the UD Griffey Jr RC? Could be the least that they do.... https://www.csgcards.com/card-grading/cards-we-grade/#sports-cards-no-grade
  4. My 89 UD Junior card came back ungraded. They slapped a sticker "OVERSIZED" on the penny sleeve but still charged me full price. Considering that I sent it in Express with a Jeter rookie, I wasn't happy. At least when PSA gave me the "MINSIZE" error on the Jeter, they waived the fee.
  5. If I recall, they take it off the final invoice amount, which may or may not be the same as what you expected on your initial submission, since sometime cards get kicked out without being graded.
  6. Regarding what Matt G posted, that doesn't seem to true in all instances. I received a card back that simply had an "OVERSIZED" sticker on the penny sleeve. No other comments and charged me the full grading fee. So if there are any other grading notes available (and there must be something since it was given a ID number) I'd like to see them since I paid for them.