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  1. Urgh! You’re right. I’ve been whining
  2. I have all those prior to submission photos. Does it really make any difference?
  3. So, how would CGC view that—grade wise. Even a guess would help. Thanks.
  4. Haha! Typical response when you’ve packed it in…May all your books be 9.9s!
  5. It appears that their response is to just not give grader notes at all. I can’t even get the online grades for the last 3 books l received back. They aren’t even listed as having been graded (?) And no, l didn’t accidentally send them elsewhere. I’ve used only CGC since 2013.
  6. We use gloves to check pages. Maybe they wet their fingers with their tongues to turn them?
  7. Thinking more about what you noted: CGC is not to blame in any way since they are merely a shell for Blackrock’s vulture capitalism. CGC and their history of service (which has earned them terrific popularity) should be taken out of the equation entirely.
  8. I agree with you in that we are agreeing to give CGC our money and our valuable books, and l said as much. However, CGC’s published time frames for their services are a far cry from what actually happens, and over those months—sometimes over a year on certain Sig Series, we have (agreed) to let them take our payments up front, given them complete control of our property and to hold them harmless for any damage. We have also agreed to terms that are constantly changing. Using the word “hostage” may have been harsh. “Cognitive dissonance” is certainly incorrect. You need to look that up. “Stockholm Syndrome” might fit the bill.
  9. Awe…it’s okay. Maybe they’ll let all their loyal customers join the CGC Hedge Fund!
  10. Would you think it unethical if a bank held your money for 7 months without interest? And without permitting you to make a withdrawal and go elsewhere. That is what the new cgc is doing, but they are doubling it up at the very least—by holding not only our money (in advance) but our property (our books) hostage as well. Plus, they are not responsible for any damage to our property due to any factor including their negligence. CGC has become a Bank. Do you really think they are not using all that $ while we wait and wait? And we agree to all of this. Something is very wrong 😑
  11. The percentage of remaining “gum” on the back of a stamp’s surface might have to be ascertained, along with checking for re-gumming attempts, tiny remnants of hinges on the back, and examination of the number & condition of perforations—all elements that contribute to value. And those are only a few of the factors. But yes, the stamp collector’s tools are definitely useful for the examination of comic books.
  12. Exactly, me too. Silvers, Bronzes & Moderns received low grades without explanation. No grader notes—in fact 3 books were just returned to me and have No Grades at all listed under verification. These are moderns carefully selected from multiple copies for SS submission—so, as you said, what would be a 9.8 slipping to somewhere between a 9.2 and a 9.4 really makes a difference. Plus, cases have multiple scratches. Obviously, l lose $ on these books. Looks to me like New owners have instituted some kind of quota system. I don’t want to risk anymore books.
  13. Me too. Lousy grades on books sent in at 9.8–maybe 9.6 with an explanation. Returned damaged in slab. No grader notes, and multiple scratches on cases.
  14. Please! I’m avoiding Sig Series completely now. Very careful to send 9.8s. Getting them back as bent up 9.0s to 9.4s, making the moderns worthless in this climate. I’m taking losses every time. I still have 26 books out and dread their return. Also, many low grades don’t even have grader notes. A complete disaster for me. I took out a loan to invest in SS. I’ll never be able to pay it back. Maybe CGC just assumes we are all millionaires.
  15. You can order these bags with signature series “mailing kits” which are advertised as having free shipping to the lower 50. l’m in NY, so l figured l might qualify for the free ship deal. But every time l try to check out l’m charged over $50 shipping. Any ideas?