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  1. Haven't been on the boards for quite sometime, my apologies. Life changes, remarried with a 9 m.o. and busy running our LCS in Oakville. This is the first book I will be listing but very shortly following up with a bunch of raw G.A. that just doesn't seem to move in brick and mortar. Asking $5300 or B.O. Willing to ship in Canada and to the U.S., cost will be dependent on the buyer's choice of method. Canada Post is still the cheapest but insurance coverage can push the cost upwards. Possibly willing to discuss overseas shipping. Feel free to DM me .
  2. dawgwindu


    Had a recent buy from Ed, and as usual everything was top notch. Thank you again Ed.
  3. jaster-mereel may now be taken of the list, he has completed our deal as of yesterday. All items have been received and were in the condition described.
  4. You do realize you have posted a photo containing your home address, right? Fudge
  5. Hello all, Regrettably it seems I am forced to nominate another member for the list. On Oct. 13/2012 board member jaster-mereel started a selling thread titled 70's collection fresh to market - Charlton, Gold Key, DC, Marvel * Books Added which may be viewed here The thread contained $1 books of which I took advantage off on 10/15/2012 and again 10/16/2012 We then began PM business and messages started as this: My response: So as it stands now I've sent $172 for the books and shipping on 2 boxes as of 10/19. I then went back and grabbed some more books from the thread on 10/21 (whiched can also be viewed at the 10/16 link above) and received this message: Understandable that some books were spoken for and I missed them, he then sends me another message stating: To which I respond: So far everything is good, until 10/28 and I have still not seen any delivery of items as I've paid for the first batch and am awaiting for his contact on the remainder of what I grabbed from within the thread and via PM. We finally have contact on 11/02: A little communication from me trying to get this done, as now I'm feeling this whole deal is going south...another response: I immediately sent out the $40 via PayPal, and on 11/17 I receive a box...one box. I'll let my next message tell the story: Now this is where I'm losing my trust in you: That postal stamp says Nov. 6th, when you told me 2 boxes were sent out before the 2nd. So I ask one last time, have my books been shipped, do you have a tracking number, and when can I expect them. If you haven't sent them out, fine...just tell me and then tell me when. As I've told you I can be understanding and I will be but it seems your jerking me around bud. Please respond to this message with some answers Rob, if I don't have some contact from you on this subject by Friday Nov. 22 I'm sending this along with all our correspondence to Architecht and the other mods for review...then I'll move to PayPal and proceed there. I really don't want to have to nominate another person to the probation list but I'm feeling like my hands are tied here. All in all man, I feel like a having to even write this, just make it right and we can move past it. Thanks for your time in reading this and I hope you understand where I'm coming from. -Rob And his response: Haven't heard from him since, as of today I've filed 2 disputes with PayPal and brought the rest of the case here. I apologize for all that have to see and read this and I apologize to you to jaster (Rob), I really didn't want to take this route and I tried to be understanding but you really left me with no recourse on this. I truly am sorry that you may be going through some difficulty in your life but it doesn't excuse you from it bleeding into anyone else's, I hope you resolve everything and get everything back on course. Again, sorry to everyone for having to be a part of the dirty laundry being aired out.
  6. Bought a ton of books off Andrew, everything arrived in as described shape and packed great. Thanks again my friend. (thumbs u
  7. Sharon is awesome, just thought I'd throw that out there. Recently bought a wack of Tec's that of course arrived speedily and packed amazingly. And of course she threw in a few birthday freebies because she rocks. Thanks again my dear, one day I hope to pay you back with a parade in your honor.
  8. Captain Atom #1,2 as a set #4-8,13,18,23-29,Ann #1,2 Black Knight 1990 #1-4 Centurians 1987 #1,2 Conqueror of the Barren Earth 1985 #1-4 Darklon the Mystic 1983 #1 Doctor Zero #1-8 Fallen Angels (1987) #1-8 Hawkmoon: Jewel In the Skull 1986 #1-4 Hawkmoon Mad God's Amulet #1-4 Hawkmoon Sword of the Dawn #1-4 Lords of the Ultra Realm 1986 #1-6 Special #1
  9. -Atari Force #1-9 as a group #10vf,11vf,12vf, $0.75 each #13,14,#15vg+ $0.25 #16,17,19, 20vf- Special #1 -Elsewhere Prince #1-6 -Generation Next #4 -Generation X #5,8,11-24,26,30-37, 40-42, 45, 63-70, Annual "96 & '97, Holiday Special -Omega Men 1982 #1-38, Annual #1,2 -Spanner's Galaxy #1-6 -Starman 1988 #9,15,25,30,31,38,43 -Starriors 1984 #1-4
  10. -Arrowsmith #1-6 complete -Damage Control Vol 2 #1-4 Vol 3 #1-4 -Demon 1987 #1,2,4 -Demon 1990 #16,18,19,23-27,39-42,46,48,49,56,57,Annual #1 -Munden's Bar #1 squarebound -New Teen Titans 1980 #2fn $2.25,#3fn$0.75, #5vf/nm $1.75, #7fn $0.75, #8vg $0.25 #11,#12,#15#17,#19,#20 $1.50 each #21,#25 (MOTU), #26,#27, #29-#33 $1.25 each Add these to my total Chris!
  11. Wheres the sale? cant find it. Sorry, work getting a little hectic will get them up this weekend coming.
  12. Going to be looking to sell a few things this weekend. One of the highlights will be my Stuff of Legend collection lot which includes: -Stuff of Legend #1 CGC 9.9 (one and only on the census) -Stuff of Legend #1 Larry's CGC SS 9.9 (one of 5 on the census) -Stuff of Legend FCBD nn CGC 9.8 -Stuff of Legend #1 Boogeyman Edition #25 of 100 plus some HG raw copies of all the regular and variant issues from the first series. Should have these up by Saturday if all goes well, I may also let go of my Ben Templesmith CGC SS collection of books also. See you all then. (thumbs u
  13. Sorry...Moved to here: Announcement page
  14. Mad kudos out to Chris (ffcomics) for this long awaited sick piece. Thanks again brother...you rock!!! All I can say is...
  15. Belated kudos to LBJARM for the SS Viking #1 slab and MutantKeys for another Chew slab for the vault. Thank you both gents!
  16. Great thread Michael....simply awesome. (thumbs u
  17. Kudos to: - Transplant for The Twelve HC - limited66 for the I Kill Giants and Dead She Said Runs - chainball for the CGC Art of Chew
  18. Kudos to shortstack comics and DNAgent for taking my juice money and making my wife hit me! Seriously...Thanks for the books guys. (thumbs u
  19. Kudos to MutantKeys for the sketched/signed art of Chew. Thanks Danny
  20. Kudos to Jeffreykli for a trio of Chew #1 and to CJ for a pound of Proof.
  21. Kudos to paperheart for a nice bunch of VCC books from his thread.
  22. Kudos to paperheart for the copies of Chew #1 Thanks again Mike!
  23. Kudos to mschmidt for the Old Man Logan run and the Goon #2 Thanks brother!