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  1. Nice shelf. I have space reserved for the upcoming Kotobukiya Bishoujo and ArtFX+ Spider-Gwens.
  2. You just need the right kind of homer. I grew up a Celtics fan and hearing Tommy Heinsohn do the commentary makes games so much more enjoyable for me.
  3. I believe Jim Shooter said that in the editorial section of... Harbinger #1. Yes, I knew that, as I'm sure many of this thread's readers would know as well. It felt awesome when I was finally able to get my hands on a copy (I missed it when it first came out) and I read that intro by Shooter.
  4. I remember reading somewhere the importance of Harby #1 was like Avengers #1.
  5. Jonesy was great to deal with. I would definitely buy from him again. Super fast shipping from CA to PA!
  6. If you're a Turok fan, you need to go after a Dell book called Four Color #596. The Dell/Gold Key Turoks are better reads than when he was at Valiant anyway, IMO. My father couldn't get over the fact that they killed off Andar. I don't have a Four Color #596 yet, but I have a lot of the other early issues as well as the Dark Horse collection. Fun stuff and great covers.
  7. Did anybody else notice Midtown selling SG #1's signed by Jason Latour? It's just for their variant covers, as should probably be expected, I guess.
  8. I just saw this conversation and remembered buying my son a carded Warlord figure. I went upstairs and ransacked our mini comic collection to see if the comic was in there...it wasn't. I also have a Hercules figure from when I was a kid, but I don't remember a comic coming with him either.
  9. Great thread. I've browsed it a few times now and I've found different things to focus on each time. I love art but never studied it formally. My favorite Orientalist is Gérôme. Please keep this thread going!
  10. I corresponded via e-mail with John Morrow on Sept 20 and was told the book should be out in the next 6-8 weeks. It feels like forever since I first pre-ordered it, but the end looks like it's in sight now.
  11. Thought this Xenozoic news coming out of Comic Con was pretty exciting: http://www.bleedingcool.com/2012/07/13/mark-schultz-new-xenozoic-tales/ Hopefully it doesn't take forever to complete. I already have the first Flesk collection and I would love to read more.
  12. So far I'm enjoying this season more than last. I liked the gallows humor of the "piñata," but I'm a little at odds that Darryl's probably my favorite character in the show, and I'm the same person who always nitpicks whenever a movie adaptation differs from the comic.
  13. I bought the WDC&S as well as the Walt Disney Treasury: Donald Duck vol. 1+2. I passed on the Taliaferro. I've also bought or pre-ordered the two Walt Disney Mickey Mouse books and the "Lost in the Andes" Barks book, so I've got a lot of Disney reading to look forward to when I have them all in hand. I'm mainly buying them for my son in hopes to hook him on comics when he starts reading, but until then I figure I'll get acquainted with the stories myself.
  14. Thanks for sharing all these cool, old photos and recollections. It's fun taking a look back at the hobby in its earlier years (it makes for even better reading when the firsthand stories aren't loaded with narcissism, so I appreciate the restraint in this thread ).
  15. Hey guys, In case it hasn't been discussed lately, Midtown Comics has Chew #16 signed by Layman for cover price on their website. My copy just arrived today, and I noticed they had at least one more in stock so I wanted to pass that along.
  16. Not sure if it happens earlier, but just tonight I was rereading issue 15 and Rick refers to Chris and Julie as zombies when lying and saying they both shot each other and came back to life even though they weren't bitten. I don't recall that scene. In any case, the word's been used pretty infrequently in the last 60+ issues, and seeing it instead of the usual names for them kind of took me out of the story for a second.
  17. Is #82 the first time they've called them "zombies" in the book? Because it's the first time I remember seeing it.
  18. Thanks for the heads up. I bought a set which I'm hoping to have personalized for my son. He should think that's cool when he's old enough to watch the show.
  19. Isn't that Jusko cover the same as the art from his Marvel Masterpieces Cyclops? The image looks very familiar.
  20. Vol. 2 (1932-1933) is the one I bought first. I paid just over $20 shipped.
  21. My Prince Valiant Vol 2 (1939-1940) arrived a few days ago and I loved it. It's funny, because I bought the first volume not long ago not expecting to like it. But, I had heard so much about it being a great strip that I gave in and gave it a shot. I loved it! I pre-ordered Vol 2 and devoured it in one sitting. It's too bad that I'll have to wait 'til December for the next batch of strips. Next up is Vol 1 of The Phantom. I'm also putting together a collection of Hal Foster's Tarzan in Color and Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon, but I'm going to wait until I have more of them to sit down and read them.
  22. This was high on my GA want list and arrived in the mail today: (I wasn't sure what the protocol was, so I cropped the competitor's slab label out)
  23. Kudos to pinball for the fast shipping and great packaging!
  24. I really like Amazing Mystery Funnies vol. 2 #7, but that's another one I suspect is undervalued in the guide. Not that I've seen one in the short time I've been looking to know.