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  1. I did let it go. Needed to clear some space. Was super sad it came back resto. I obviously have no eye for that tom-foolery or wouldn't have bought it to begin with.
  2. LOL! I Have thought we could expand Black Cat to: B - Bone 1 L - L&R 1 (B&W 1st print but 2ns print is a classic as well) A - ? C - ? K - ? CAT - Cerebus Albedo TMNT as already done.
  3. I'm gonna hold out and see if I can't get a higher grade on that book. I'm really bummed I didn't start looking for one ahead of the market blow-up this year. There's also a Bone 1 I'm eyeballing... only so much green stuff to push around
  4. Just catching up on this thread and that re-listed item is the most ridiculous mea culpa ever "...2nd print,... not sure it's an original second print" w/ an interior shot to boot to prove you can be sure it's not a second or original second. Buyer beware. Btw, is a 2nd print of a 2nd print a 4th print? :P
  5. @Wolverinex In the end I have put this one up for auction. Still going to keep an eye out for that Cerebus 1 though! I just had a thought though for this club. Can the 'B' in Black CAT be Bone 1 :P
  6. Thanks for the feedback! I’ll try to load files (newb here). I was going to keep if the knock was huge but I don’t know what a price knock would be… 20%,50%… I was wanting to chase a cerebus in the 9.0+ range. Looking like that boat may have sailed though. Pretty crazy what these last 9 months have done price wise.
  7. Hello CAT’s. I am only an AT and maybe not that for long I’m afraid. With these prices I already parted with my TMNT (9.6 . Kept the 9.2) and was getting ready to part with my Albedo which was recently graded 9.4 but sadly had some small color touch. So… I may keep it for half bragging rights instead of taking the price hit at auction. Oddly I wanted to buy a Cerberus 1 with proceeds so I may become a CAT yet ! what is ya’lls take on the Albedo. Auction / keep?
  8. Just catching up on this thread and can't pin where the high-end (9.8) will go after the Mass Ped sale. That $55k seems an outlier (like the $90k TMNT 1 9.8 sale in 2019). Also seems like things are cooling a bit... That said though the 9.8's may flush out of collections during this elevated price period but I think once they are soaked up they may not come out for a long long long time again. I saw somewhere a post that 9.8 is ~1% of available copies. That's an end-user sort of quantity; especially at these prices. All I can say with books like this is
  9. Newb here and late to the party but if this is not a stale inquiry I would be
  10. That's a fair view but doesn't not seeing the interior apply to all slabbed books? unless the comment is not being able to verify that CGC made the correct call / pulled a fast one?
  11. Total newb here. Sorry... I put this under Copper Age (ready, fire, aim...)
  12. * to qualify "more rare than this" it is that DC did not do it on purpose and that these covers were attached to any type of book (saw an adventure 181 on HA) and this one happened to get attached to a major key SC17. The covers seem to be from a 1944 book. So you have covers that stayed around for 14 years before going on a SC17 in 1958. Seems like some serious star alignment. ..Nevermind someone held onto this outcast so long in 9.8 condition. Maybe the only 1 like it there is is what I was trying to say about rare. Obviously Action 1 9.8 would be up there on the imagination list but I am not aware of that existing.
  13. Just came across this and was intrigued. It's definitely a "variant" but of a different sort. I would have thought something like this would have been low value years ago but today's market seems to be focused on the rarity aspect (e.g. 2nd/3rd prints with low print runs have followings for that reason alone). I can't imagine anything more rare than this (and at 9.8 to boot which is sorta amazing no matter what for a 62 year old book - Gaines files excluded ) https://www.comiclink.com/auctions/item.asp?back=%2FAUCTIONS%2FSEARCH.ASP%3FFocusedOnly%3D1%26where%3Dauctions%26title%3Dshowcase%26ItemType%3DCB%23Item_1490686&id=1490686&itemType=0
  14. Agreed as well. These are low quantity end-user books that maybe flushing out with prices at the moment but when picked up won't be seen for a long time, IMO. If someone is waiting for more copies to pop out they may be sorry they waited. C'est la vie. $66k is still healthy.