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  1. I had a house fire. Everyone got out safe and only the upstairs was badly damaged. Most of my original art made it through unscathed. Luckily, the place where I work just purchased me a new flat bed scanner (13 x 20) and I was in the process of re-scanning all of my pages. I want to make sure I have it all insured and am slowly getting some information on the subject. Anyone have any good references? What do you use to protect your artwork or have for insurance. I know that Heritage does an appraisal service. Anyone else?
  2. Does anyone have original art from any of these. I know there were a lot produced and always love seeing originals. I have the three page origin sequence from The Man From Krypton. I loved getting a couple of these records/comic combos as a kid.
  3. I have quite a few. Lady Death cover prelim by Ivan Reis A couple of War of Superman pages by Eddy Barrows Wonder Woman prelim by Ben Caldwell Batman Confidential page by Kevin Maguire A Green Arrow page by Mike Mayhew Couple of prelims by Alan Davis (Cap and X-Men Schism) Hawkman prelims by Ryan Sook and finally a Cover prelim by Kevin Nowlan.
  4. I too am a long time fan of Steve's. I love his Fearless Dawn and other work. Here's mine.
  5. I really don't see this actually happening anytime soon. It doesn't seem to be a market for it. Encapsulation of original art I can see happening but grading the art is going to be a waste. It is a one of a kind piece of artwork and giving a grade to a one of one is kind of silly. Just like the grading of the WOTC Lord of the Rings ONE RING. It is a one of one. Getting it encapsulated is fine but that is the only one in existence, so the grade is secondary on so many levels.
  6. I always like to see what a different inker does to a piece of art. I thought the Gallery Edition of DKR was so interesting.
  7. I think it's been said before that Frank received all the art for issues 1 and 4 while Klaus got 2-3. Frank would re-draw and ink pages that he disagreed with. I had also heard that Todd McFarlane even inked some Dark Knight Returns pages, but were these the Frank/Klaus pages or the Frank/Frank pages?
  8. Storytime..... Albert Moy interview with Felix.The Felix Comic Art Podcast: The Felix Comic Art Podcast (Episode 1): Albert Moy (libsyn.com) After speaking to Klaus at a convention, he had Albert Moy head over to his apartment and gave him the complete art for books 2 and 3. When he got the artwork back from DC, Klaus was mad that Frank didn't like the inks and had placed redrawn stats all over the artwork. Klaus even took some stats off of the pages. (like the pages above). The rumor was that after Frank had seen the artwork, he thought the issues were coming out too fast and wanted to slow the release down. Albert had the pages for #2 for about a month and a half. He said that the panel pages sold for about $65-250 each and the splashes for $650-900. Issue # 3 Albert purchased outright and sold all but 2 pages. Those # 3 pages sold as a quick flip.
  9. Yes, I had read or heard somewhere that Miller re-inked panels that he was not happy with. You can see the inking in Batman legs vs the actual panel, etc.
  10. Here are two more pages I picked up. Amazing Spider-Man # 47 page 6 and Peter Parker Spider-Man # 44 page 2
  11. Congrats! It is amazing to see someone achieve their collecting goals. Glad you finally got your Churchill page.
  12. Yes, I have them. My first OA Pages. I purchased these directly from the artist Derec Donovan. I love Lady Deathstrike and to have her on both pages blew my mind. It was around 2005 or 2006. The first original art sketch was a Jeff Smith Fone Bone sketch on a backer board. I picked it up at a Chicago Comicon. I didn't have any idea that artists would do this so my fourteen year old heart fell for this hobby hard.
  13. Two new pick-ups Drax page by Scott Hepburn. CM Punk wrote the issues and cool art throughout. Amazing Spider-Man page by Humberto Ramos, From one of my favorite issues. Boomerang takes roommate Peter Parker to a Spider-Man quizbowl with his villians. Of course Peter wins.
  14. Cool! I have been following this thread since the beginning. I hope you get there soon!
  15. Jason, Do you still need an Ian Churchill X-Men page? Uncanny X-Men | Ian Churchill Original Art (ianchurchillart.com)
  16. I believe it is Tales of the TMNT #45 Rocks story by Laird and Lawson and art by Lawson. I don't have the issue in front of me.
  17. I won this at a small comic convention in Illinois. They were handing out raffle tickets to everyone that entered the show that day. I was the super lucky winner of the Manhunter trade paperback. Inside the front cover was this Walt Simonson sketch.
  18. Nic Klein Deadpool page from when Skottie Young was writing it. Just picked it up from the Post today.
  19. I just stopped by my house and found this delivered. A Nic Klein Deadpool page from Skottie's run on the character. So happy to have a Klein page. I usually just miss getting other pages from Nic.
  20. Here are my two new additions: Andy Kubert -Walmart 100 Page Giant # 6 page 1. I really liked this series for the most part. This page was from one of my favorite issues from Tom's 12. It's signed by the creative team(Tom King, Andy Kubert and Sandra Hope). It features Superman on every panel and it's the title page as well. Really happy to get this. Second one was a recreation of All-Star Superman # 10 page by Greg Woronchak. I have loved this page since I first read it. I know that Chip Kidd owns the entire issue and made his own Artist Edition of it as well. I know that I would never own the original so i went with the next best thing. I have it framed in my classroom at school.
  21. I think the story in Daredevil was leading to this and I have been really enjoying Chip's run on the book. Ms. Marvel was treated bad and with a movie coming out, it just seemed to be in poor taste. The Punisher was an interesting story but I think with the absorbing of his logo and name by police officers, the military and various groups, Disney decided to distance itself from that. I don't think the new design for the logo is going to change that either. I don't see the market for Frank Castle Punisher art diminishing in value. That's the big difference between a character vs. an individual. If an artist or writer is hated, that usually takes time to remove the memory of the horrible or bad things they have said or done. If a character does something awful, it just takes a different take to turn him around.
  22. A double page spread by Eduardo Pansica from Green Lanterns. Scarecrow with the yellow ring.