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  1. Outstanding 80's horror flick. I haven't seen it since I was a kid. I added it to my netflix a couple of weeks ago.
  2. I love the sig placement, there's definitely some thought put into that one.
  3. I think that's specifically why he does it. He may really hated seeing his stuff sold for way more than he sold it for a year or two before (as his prices were exploding). Once those WD pages are gone though, who knows. I believe he'll keep his prices crazy on his remaining WD pages in order to get the most value out of them. From what I'm told his initial sale prices on some of his splashes and covers were less than 1K. Who'd known that only a few years later they'd go for what they do. He is rumored to still be holding onto a lot of the covers (especially 1-6) They'll add a good chunk to his future kid's college funds whenever he decides to sell them off. Imagine what the cover to issue one would go for even now. Give it 10-20 years.
  4. I got another Gunslinger commission scan today. This is Dave Gutierrez' interpretation of the character. Dave inks a lot of Gene Colan's stuff. Check out his CAF. He's talented as hell. Detail
  5. If you don't want to spend the money, send the Walking Dead covers to me and I'll have them framed. I think I'll spring for the museum glass. (thumbs u
  6. Thanks for the info Monster. I'll have to consider this when framing my WD covers.
  7. Another one I'm waiting on. He said he was really busy when I set mine up about a month and a half ago.
  8. What's the difference between standard UV resistant glass and the museum glass? I can see why you don't see alot of custom framed stuff, that really cuts into the funds for more art.
  9. I love the engraved placards. Where'd you have these done?
  10. Awesome Steve These are my only two framed pieces so far. They came framed. I'll be going on a bit of a framing spree once I get back to the States and find the right sale.
  11. I'm told we may be in for quite a wait. I paid for two different commissions from Josh at the same time, before I heard the stories. The guy's super talented, and to me it's worth the wait. Patience is a virue afterall.
  12. I got my commission from Oliver Nome in the mail today and he threw this in extra. I asked him to do a little zombie sketch in his artbook. This is on an 11 x 14 artboard.
  13. Hell yeah, two of my pending commissions. I can't wait to see what Josh and Andrew come up with. Those guy's are both super talented. That'll end up being two badass Gunslinger pieces. (thumbs u
  14. I went on a little bit of a spree this week. Who says the economy's in the crapper The Gunslinger by Quinton Hoover (Magic: the Gathering artist). He did it for the western theme for CAF's sketchbook this month and sold it on ebay. Two Cliff Rathburn back covers from The Walking Dead, bought straight from the source. 38 is the only one he's done on an 11 x 17 art board(I think) (they're usually much smaller) #35 #38 That does it for me for a little while though. I go home in a couple weeks and all my money'll go to spoiling the wife for a while. I have several commissions in progress that should come in over the next few months (mostly Gunslingers). (thumbs u
  15. BEAUTY! Thanks. I just got the scan of this one today. A Gunslinger commission by CAF member Oliver Nome. He knocked it out of the park IMHO. I have about seven others pending from various artists and plan on making it another theme in my collection (other than the zombie stuff).
  16. Another Vince Locke piece. This is "Winter" from the four part series he did for an never published calender. Three of the seasons ended up as covers. I also own "Summer". I've been on a Locke kick lately.
  17. I asked Vince about this while finalizing some details on a commission he's been working on for me. He ended up still having it and made me an offer I couldn't pass up. I'm a Harley Davidson guy myself, so this really does it for me. The cover to Deadworld #1 (2005 run)