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  1. just used it 5 minutes ago. I find it indispensible. Cortez
  2. One other nice aspect of WF is guest apps. by other JLAers: Hawkman, Atom, Wonder Woman, etc.
  3. A definite must (if affordable) Marvel's Top 3 Talents working on Marvel's Flagship Heroes. Cover fascinating due to recent interest in error comics by many collectors. Great subject and scan Mac Man. Cortez
  4. Sorry about that MO return, but I wanted to show you that I hadn't spent your money without sending your books. Thanks for kind words. Hot on trail of Strange Tales 97 for you. Also LMK about other wants. I've got tons of stuff. I specialize in the following Silver/Bronze Indy Superhero comics (Thunder Agents, Steel Sterling, etc.) TV/Movie Comics ( Leave It To Beaver, I Love Lucy, Etc.) Photcover Comics (Western, TV, etc.) Thanks again Orestes/Cortez
  5. Supes disguises the key as a giant airplane marker. Just thought I'd pass that little trivia on to you. Cortez
  6. Buy & Collect books you'll enjoy. Study Comic Reference Books (Overstreet; Comics Value Annual; Comic Buyer's Guide; etc.) Avoid books with the words "Special Collector's Issue" on the cover (Collectors Items just happen and aren't created) Diversify shopping outlets for your comics. Include Thrift Shops, Antique Stores; Flea Markets; Garage and Estate Sales. (Many Deals Can Be Found This Way.) Also Check Public Library Sales. Affiliate with other collectors; online forums; LCS dealers etc. Most of all....Have Fun & Happy Hunting!!!!!!!!!! Cortez
  7. I am also a fan of #43 Picked up a raw copy vg/fn for peanuts I am always interested in 1st appearances. Great 3-D effect on cover Trading for Magic Related Comcs Cortez
  8. I've got quite a few myself. Just picked up most of the Detective issues featuring Manhunter this spring. Most of mine are at least fine condition. No way to scan at this time. Just email a list of what you need and I'll get back to you. I Have Superboy; Superman etc. email- nashcomics@hotmail.com Thanks in advance Mike
  9. Fabulous books. I have a big weakness for patriotic covers especially with flags. Many Thanks for posting these gems. Trading for Blackstone; Super-Magician; Mandrake or any Magic related comics email me for details.