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  1. Why does the Fawcett name appear on Archie comics from this time period?
  2. Brave and the Bold was an exceptionally bad title when it came to jerk covers:
  3. Five more of my Adventures of the Fly comics: 15 16 Bethlehem copy 17 18 19
  4. But Kraven the Hunter preceded the Ka-Zar introduced in X-Men 10.
  5. How so? Did you order a set? Did you become a student of Roman or ancient history in general? Are you a collector of penny flats or Marx playsets these days?
  6. Just to have a newsstand fresh copy of many of those 1940's comics though! If you forced me to choose just one, I might end up with a Green Lantern with Harlequin or Streak on the cover.
  7. Devil has long been the faithful companion of the Phantom: 14 17
  8. Yes, absolutely! I still clearly recall the time I was watching a clip of the Rolling Stones playing "I'm Alright" from the T.A.M.I. Show on TV in the living room while my father was making himself a cup of coffee in the kitchen. He leaned into the living room for a quick glance and with a look of utmost disgust expostulated "Like s--- you alright!" But he also watched in complete silence with nary a comment as the Doors played "Light My Fire" (despite Jim Morrison's leather pants) and Vanilla Fudge played "Some Velvet Morning" on the Ed Sullivan Show. I think by then he had noticed there was real musicianship involved.
  9. My experience as well. And of course those kids who did send away for any of the sets advertised in the pages of comic mags must have been bitterly disappointed with what they received, especially in comparison to the often strikingly gorgeous ads. These sets are now known as "penny flats" and have their own avid collector base.
  10. Those Crazy comics are awesome! I'll add Crazy to my list of titles underrated by present day collectors.
  11. Memakata liked the occasional night out on town: