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FS: Flaming Carrot, ComicoPrimer 1, Comic showcases, CFD 5

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Same terms as usual: First :takeit: rules all, exact shipping via USPS Priority, and payment by PayPal, check, money order and credit card. Money back refund if unhappy (sans shipping costs).


First up, those fabulous comic showcases. Brand new, unopened and ready for you to use to display your books. Here are a few pics of the showcase frames:





The frames are $7.00 each plus shipping and I have 10 7 available. those who have bought them here have been very happy with them and I love using them (thumbs u

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I gotta' run for the rest of the night, but I will post the following tomorrow:


Flaming Carrot (Aardvark-Vanaheim)

1, VF+


5 NM-

6 VF


Next Men

21 NM


Check back in the afternoon tomorrow for them (PST). Thanks (thumbs u

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Tick, tock. :popcorn:


Okay, okay...with that, let's get started....



Comico Primer 1 NM- (maybe NM) $20.00

Nice copy signed on the first interior page by Gerry Giovinvo




I've been looking for a #6 Primer for a loooong time. 1st Evangeline.


Nice looking book!



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