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CGC Really has us by the balls......... *DELETED*

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Hey, you hit on something us coin guys discovered long ago.


Unless you have an extraordinary raw collection and are world-famous, you're not anything without a slabbing service.


Better yet, wait until a second or third reputable service starts up -- then you will get to fight over whether the second service's books are worth anything. laugh.gif

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I like them with EXTRA foxing, too, and lots of date stamps. Date stamps on every page would be good, just so I wouldn't miss them. Perhaps some binder holes.


oh wait, I'm sorry. We hijacked this thread. BECAUSE IT IS STUPID.


grrrrrrrrrr just tired of all that italicizing on the other thread.


and "really" has two "Ls"

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They did a remarkable job at creating this business knowing that collectors will have to follow others or be left behind and this mentality has given them the leverage to controll our hobbby.


Well, count me out. The ONE CGC slabbed pre-code horror book I owned (the ever popular THING 16 - NM- 9.2) has been removed from its slab a couple of weeks ago, much to my joy.


If this is the wave of the future then I may well get my pre-code horror collection even cheaper than I had hoped, because I don't want them in slabs.


But the truth is, and since you posted this in Gold I will respond as a Gold (well, Atom) collector. Many of the GA folk collecting for 20, 30, 40 years and more. They have gotten to know the look and feel of books, can detect restoration pretty well, want to read the books, and know that finding a reading copy of a cgc'd book may well be an arduous task.


So a lot of them don't care about the slab. I know I don't. Except for the 15 or so 9.6 Bronze books I have tucked away for future trading at cons etc.

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