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Edmonton Collectible Toy and Comic Show, March 20, 2011

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Welcome to the first in our series of daily announcements with news about guests and programming for this year's Edmonton Collectible Toy and Comic Show happening on March 20th at the Shaw Conference Centre!


And what an announcement we have today! LeVar Burton from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Reading Rainbow, Roots and so much more will be at the show signing autographs and meeting fans!


This marks LeVar's first appearance in Alberta and we're very excited to welcome him to the Edmonton Collectible Toy and Comic Show!


The Edmonton Collectible Toy and Comic Show

Sunday, March 20th

10am - 5pm

Shaw Conference Centre

9797 Jasper Ave.

Admission $10

Kids Under 12 FREE!


Make sure you bring a donation to the Edmonton Food Bank and you can enter to win some incredible door prizes donated by our great sponsors including Shades of Grey: Tattoos, Toys, Comics; Happy Harbor; Hasbro Canada; Lucasfilm; Paramount; Warner Brothers and more!



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The Edmonton Collectible Toy and Comic Show is pleased to announce that the following artists will be in attendance at this year's show!


Ron Wagner! Renowned comic artist who's pencils have graced the covers and interiors of some of the biggest books of all time including Batman, Daredevil, The Punisher, GI Joe and much, much more! Check out his work at www.rjwagner.com and www.comicbookdb.com/creator.php?ID=968


Cary Nord! Calgary comic artist who's work has appeared in Conan, Thor, Daredevil, Silver Surfer, Wolverine and more! Check out his body of work at www.comicbookdb.com/creator.php?ID=1414


Robert Bailey! Acclaimed aviation artist and Star Wars Visions artist! Check out his work at www.bailyprints.com


Make sure you come down and get some sketches and autographs from these great artists!

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Are you following us on Facebook yet? Make sure you join the ECTCS Fan page at www.facebook.com/edtoyshow


And now for today's awesomely amazing animation art announcement!


Hand's up, who loves Akira? Oooh, oooh! We do! We do!


And that's why we're pleased as punch to be bringing to Edmonton the Art of Akira Exhibit!


Arguably one of the most important animated films of all time, Akira redefined the Japanese animation industry and both introduced and influenced an entire generation of westerners to the wonder that Japanese animation!


Enter the Art of Akira. Over the past 20 years, American collector Joe Peacock has assembled the world's largest private collection of Akira cels and production art and in 2010, with the help of the Toonseum, he started touring the collection at some of the biggest galleries and conventions in the US.


And now, the Art of Akira will be making it's Canadian premiere at the ECTCS and will feature some of the highlights of Joe's incredible collection of animation art!


If you've not seen Akira, do yourself a favour and check out this animation classic to prepare ourself for the show!


And if you have seen it, check out this clip Joe posted on youtube that's should serve as a perfect reminder of just how important Akira is to the history of animation, film and pop culture as a whole.




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The ECTCS and Ravenous EFX are proud to present the Costume Crypt: a collection of original, screen-used props and wardrobe articles from a variety of well-known movies and television shows including Underworld, Resident Evil, Aliens VS Predator, Planet of the Apes (Tim Burton), Silent Hill, The Road, The Mummy Returns, Ghosts of Mars, Ginger Snaps, Outlander, The Cave, Beowulf & Grendel, The Outer Limits and more!


The display features a variety of unique pieces hand-picked from the Shewchuk family's personal collection of over 1000 items. While the collection primarily consists of items from the horror and sci-fi genres, the Shewchuk's are continually acquiring items from current hits and older classics when available and the family is proud to curate the largest privately-owned collection of memorabilia from The Outer Limits. It was this TV series which started them on the path of collecting and preserving a cross-section of film history.


The family now feels the collection has grown to a size that it can be exhibited for fellow fans to enjoy these rare pieces of film history. They have partnered with Ravenous EFX, a local special effects company based out of the Edmonton area that specializes in creating works in film, television, concert props, licensed collectible merchandise and more, to help make this happen at the ECTCS!

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If you’ve always thought about getting a geek chic tattoo, there’s no better opportunity that having that tattoo done at geeky event by a crew of self-professed geeky tattoo artists!


Shane Turgeon, the promoter of the ECTCS is also the man behind the tattoo events at Lucasfilm’s Star Wars Celebration conventions and the owner of Shades of Grey, Edmonton’s new tattoo, toy and comic shop. After an incredibly successful Star Wars Celebration V where over 20 tattoo artists worked non-stop for 4 days doing nothing but Star Wars tattoos, it seemed only natural to work with Alberta Health Services to bring the Shades of Grey crew to the show where they will be tattooing any manner of pop culture related pieces all day long!


If you’re interested in booking ahead, check out the portfolios on the Shades of Grey website: www.shadesofgreytattoo.com, call the studio at 780 756 0034, or better yet, come on down and check out the place in person at 10444-82 ave, 2nd floor (above Yiannis)! We guarantee they’re the only tattoo studio with a 6ft Millenium Falcon hanging from the skylights!


About the Studio:

Shades of Grey is Edmonton’s ultimate art fusion experience. By combining award-winning, experienced tattoo artists with a retail selection of classic toys and comic books and placing it all in an upscale, comfortable and gallery-esque setting, Shades of Grey is poised to provide their customers with an experience unlike any other they’ve encountered in a tattoo studio or a toy and comic shop. In addition to the tattoo, toy and comic art featured throughout the studio, the venue also features a 30ft gallery wall where a variety of unique art shows will be hosted throughout the year.


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Today is the last of our daily programming announcements but there are still a few more things in the works that we'll be announcing in the coming weeks! And, don't forget than in addition to all the great guests and exhibits we've announced the last few days, The ECTCS is Western Canada's largest collectible toy and comic event boasting the largest selection of vendors and retailers selling vintage and modern toys, comics from all eras, video games, posters, and any other manner of pop culture memorabilia you can shake a stick at!


Today's news!


The ECTCS and Shades of Grey are proud to host the closing night reception of VelvetVision, a far-out exhibition of sci-fi, horror and comic book portraits masterfully painted on black velvet by North Carolina artist, Bruce White. The closing night party will be held at Shades of Grey on March 18th from 7pm until the wee hours of the morning!


The VelvetVision exhibition features 28 entirely original works by Bruce, the majority of which have been created exclusively for this engagement. Iconic characters such as Captain Kirk, Iron Man, Darth Vader, Doctor Who, Frankenstein’s Monster are currently on display at the studio located at 10444-82 ave, 2nd floor (above Yiannis). Even better is that the artist will be joining us all the way from NC for the reception on Mach 18th!


VelvetVision is, hands down, one of the coolest art shows this city has ever seen so if you're free on Friday, March 18th, we guarantee this is one geek chic party you won't want to miss!


About the Artist:

North Carolina native Bruce White is an accomplished tattoo and fine artist. Bruce has been tattooing for over 13 years and has recently turned his artistic eye towards an often-underappreciated medium; black velvet. Bruce feels that working with velvet gives his paintings a degree of visual contrast that cannot be replicated by painting on any other surface and that, quite frankly, Elvis and Jesus are not the only icons of the world worthy of being softly immortalized on a velvety canvas. Instead, Bruce has chosen this medium to channel his admiration for many of pop culture’s most memorable characters. More of Bruce’s art can be seen on his website www.velvetgeek.com. Interviews with Bruce are available upon request.

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We've got a few more last minute announcements coming down the pipe!


The ECTCS, in partnership with the Prairie Wrestling Alliance (PWA) and Happy Habor Comics, are proud to announce that former ECW, WWE and current TNA wrestling superstars, The Dudleys, will be conducting an exclusive autograph signing at the ECTCS on Sunday, March 20th!


Brother Ray and Brother Devon will be wrestling at the PWA's 10th Anniversary super show at NAIT on March 19th! And the card is stacked! All the PWA titles will be on the line, there's a ladder match and wrestling legend Lance Storm will also be at the event!


Tickets for this great wrestling show are currently available at Happy Harbor and Shades of Grey and as a special offer, the ECTCS will be offering 2 for 1 admission to anyone who brings their PWA ticket stub!


The Dudley's will only be signing autographs at the ECTCS so if you're a wrasslin' fan, make sure you check out both of these fantastic shows!


For more information on the PWA and their great show, check out their official website at:




For more information on the Dudley's Legacy, check out their history on Wikipedia!




Don't forget to bring a donation to the Food Bank! In the next couple of days we'll be announcing some of our amazing door prizes and sponsors!


Visit our website to check out all of the great guests and programming we already have planned for the show!




Like us on Facebook!



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One of the things the ECTCS has become quite well known for are all the awesome door prizes we have available to win! And this year is no exception at all!


Remember, the only way to be eligible to win the door prizes is to bring a non-perishible food or cash donation to the Edmonton Food Bank! The more food you bring, the better your chances of winning!


We're so excited about this year's prizes we decided to dish out a little sneak peak at a few of the items up for grabs!


-A life size Pepsi Jar Jar Binks statue! This isn't one of the cheap-o cardboard cut outs! This is the real deal, 7ft tall statue! An additional Jar Jar statue will also be available for silent auction with all proceeds going to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team In Training program!


-A gift basket from Shades of Grey which includes graphic novels, books and a $500 tattoo gift certificate! www.shadesofgreytattoo.com


-Posters and run of engagement passes for the upcoming, and oooh-so-awesome-looking Warner Bros. movie, Sucker Punch! Haven't heard of this one yet? Check out this awesome trailer!



-Posters and swag for all the upcoming Paramount films including Thor and Captain America!


-Star Wars and Indiana Jones prizes from the Lucasfilm Archives!


-Marvel Universe, Transformers, GI Joe, Star Wars and My Little Pony Toys from Hasbro Canada!


-Signed artist prints from Joe Corroney!


-Playmates Star Trek Picard Tapestry and Redemption Data action figures!


-POP Star Wars displays!


And there's still a lot more to come! So make sure you bring your food bank donations to the Shaw Conference Centre on March 20th!

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Our popular collecting panels return this year with a great discussion line-up!



GI Joe Around the World with Shane Turgeon

GI Joe wasn't just a Real American Hero! The popular 80s toyline was released in a variety of countries all over the world and resulted in some of the rarest and craziest GI Joe figures you may never have seen before! Join ECTCS promoter Shane Turgeon as he takes you on a world tour of 3 3/4" GI Joe history!



The Art of Akira with Joe Peacock

Art of Akira Exhibit owner and curator Joe Peacock joins us live via webcam from Atlanta, Georgia to discuss his incredible collection of Akira artwork and the importance of the film, not only in the history of Japanese animation but film in general!



Star Wars Props and Filming Locations with Gus Lopez

Star Wars Super Collector Gus Lopez has literally traveled the world searching out the original filming locations and props from the greatest film saga ever made! Join Gus as he explores the real-world deserts of Tatooine, forests of Endor, swamps of Naboo and ice-fields of Hoth in search of filming locations. Gus will also take us on a tour through some of the greatest original prop collections in the world!

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It's never too late to add another awesome guest to our already awesome line-up at this year's ECTCS!


And we're super excited to announce that acclaimed artist Nat Jones will be at the show doing sketches and promoting his new book '68. Nat has recently been working here in Edmonton at Guru Digitial Art College and he'll be joining his Guru cohorts in their booth at the show!


For more about Nat Jones and Guru, click the following links to visit their official sites or just keep reading!







For more than a decade Nat Jones has worked with or for nearly every major comic book publisher in the industry. He has worked on hundreds of projects with companies including Dark Horse, Image, IDW and Fox Atomic. Nat began his professional art career while he was still in high school, working with many of the day’s top independent comic book publishers as well as illustrating Looney Tunes books for Warner Bros. At the age of twenty-three Nat gained widespread acclaim as artist on Todd Mcfarlane's Spawn:The Dark Ages, working alongside horror writer Steve Niles. After working on numerous other books, Nat once again found himself in the spotlight, working with Musician/Director Rob Zombie on the Dark Horse comic The Nail. This highly acclaimed work of horror garnered attention throughout the media, including stories in Rolling Stone Magazine and mentions on MTV and VH1. Nat then went on to collaborate once again with writer Steve Niles on his immensely successful 30 Days of Night series before returning to Spawn, where he designed the first ever She-Spawn to appear in comics. Nat also worked alongside Actor/Director David Arquette to create a comic adaptation of his film The Tripper. Nat then went on to add his talents to the 2007 Scream Award winning 28 Days Later:Aftermath, this story "Decimation" also appears as an animated short on the 28 Weeks Later DVD release.


In 2006, Nat and fellow collaborator Jay Fotos founded Frazetta Comics. In a collaborative effort with writer Joshua Ortega, Nat and Jay created the #1 selling Image Comics title for the year 2007: Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer: Shadows of Mirahan. Co-written by Nat, Death Dealer: Shadows of Mirahan tells the first and only Death Dealer story fully approved by legendary fantasy artist Frank Frazetta. Death Dealer holds Image Comic’s record for the fastest sellout for a series issue #1. The comic sold out in a record-breaking six hours. Death Dealer: Shadows of Mirahan also spawned a Dungeons and Dragons RPG produced by Goodman Games in 2009 featuring Nat’s art. Nat’s art on Death Dealer also became the basis for a licensed and fully approved Death Dealer statue. With the success of the Death Dealer series, keeping true to the Frazetta name and legacy, Frazetta Comics launched a new variety of Frazetta inspired titles: Swamp Demon, Dark Kingdom, Neanderthal, Moon Maid, Freedom, Creatures, Dracula Meets the Wolfman and Sorcerer. 


Not limited to just the comic medium, Nat also works in other creative media ranging from animation and album art to TV, movies, and toy design, including work on the 28 Weeks Later DVD and conceptual art for Director Rob Zombie on his films The Devil’s Rejects and the upcoming Tyrannosaurus Rex.


Recently Nat has been working on several projects including Kodiak with acclaimed writer Joe Hill, Jason Eisener's grindhouse horror feature film Hobo with a Shotgun starring Rutger Hauer (set to debut at the Sundance Film Festival) and the film The Captured Bird with director Jovanka Vuckovic and Producer Guillermo del Toro. Nat is currently working on a continuation of the Vietnam War/zombie epic '68 and the relaunch of Atlas Comics' Wulf.


Starting in 2011, Nat will be heading up the Guru Digital Arts College "Digital Illustration and Sequential Art" diploma program. The program will allow aspiring illustrators to learn the ropes from a veteran who continues to work with the best in the industry.


Nat currently lives and works in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


Guru Digital Arts College


At Guru Digital Arts College our programs are a perfect mash-up of creativity and technology. We embrace our right-brained artsy side and live for all things geek-tastic. If digital media is where you want to carve your path in this world and you don’t want to waste a single moment getting there, check out what we do at Guru.


The Guru faculty is dedicated to providing current, relevant and highly specialized education. Our intense, 6-month full-time diploma programs equip students with the skills they need to embark on their careers. The Guru experience is like no other.


At this year's Edmonton Toy and Collectible Show, we will be highlighting our exciting new "Digital Illustration and Sequential Art" diploma program. Nat Jones will be heading up this 6 month intensive program for illustrators. Designed to meet the growing need for qualified entry-level illustrators and sequential artists, graduates from this program enter the job market as illustrators in advertising, publishing, digital publishing, comic books/graphic novels, concept artist/ visual development in video games and film, editorial illustration and many other growing fields.

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