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Comics that take place at Comic Conventions

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I know there was a Lobo comic con one shot.

There's also an issue I can't remember of The Mighty Magnor where Sergio draws a great 2 page spread of a con.


It was Lobo Convention Special. Funny issue.




This is one of the funniest comics I've ever read. It never gets old and never fails to bring tears of laughter rolling down my face :applause:


"Action Frags" :roflmao:

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I've been reading a lot of Archie recently and I noticed that they like to set their stories at comic book conventions pretty regularly. Sometimes it's a generic show, sometimes it's a fictional show (such as Riverdale Comic Con) and sometimes it's an actual show (San Diego, for instance, shows up multiple times).


I was wondering how many other comics are set at comic book conventions. The only other one that immediately leapt to mind was Star Brand #12, but I'm sure there must be many others.


Here's a look at the covers I have found that feature Comic Cons. Archie Comics enjoys it so much, they used the same exact joke on no fewer than three of these covers! :grin:







This version not only has someone cosplaying as Marvel's Valkyrie on the cover, it also has a cameo from Don and Maggie Thompson in the background. Plus, it's set at the 20th anniversary of SDCC. I wonder if that dealer is also supposed to be a real person?





Here's Archie Comics poking fun at themselves for their 50th anniversary. Guessing they brought copies of this to the three shows mentioned on the cover:





Don Thompson also makes a cameo in this story, alongside Archie artists Dan DeCarlo and Stan Goldberg. Plus, Veronica wins the cosplay competition by dressing up as Katy Keene:





And here's Star Brand #12, where thousands of comic book fans are massacred at the Pittsburgh Comic Con, along with some Marvel creators including John Byrne and Mark Gruenwald:



Can we just stand in awe at the ironic choice of conventions please.
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This is somewhat related. There was an issue of Archie back in the late 70s/early 80s that had a story where Riverdale High did a paper drive to raise money. Archie got in trouble to rescuing some old comics out of the dumpster. The comics included Pep Comics #1 which Archie took to a comic shop and sold for big bucks and then he donated the money to the school.


Anyone remember this story or know what book it was in?


I do remember that story! If my memory serve me correct ( or I'm wrong?) this story was in an issue of "Archie at Riverdale High" series?


I should also mention it was reprinted in one of mid-80s Archie digests some 2-3 years later.


Thanks. That gives me a better starting point to look that I had before.

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