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  2. The crime is asking $5 for it.
  3. Seen in London, Ontario. Or, better yet, crime scene in London, Ontario.
  4. Happy New Year everyone! Let's get rolling ...
  5. Oddly, the last time I posted on the CGC Forums was after I went to the Motor City Comic Con in May. Just went on the Friday with my kid. For comics, it was mainly local dealers who set up. Harley Yee had a booth but didn't see Harley. Todd Lange, one of my favourites, was listed in the program but couldn't find him on the floor at all. I normally check out Roger's booth (Collector's Zone) but was sad to learn in this thread that he'd passed away! Very friendly man whom I bought many books from over the years, including last May. No big keys were purchased but I did fill some gaps in my collection from newer dealers to "MC3", like Karl & Frank's Comics. Fun guys to deal with. Over the past year, my son has become a HUGE fan of the Flash, both the comics and television series. He was the one who was pushing to go to this show. So instead of me dragging my boy to a comic show; he's dragging me! He was on a mission to find the first appearance of the "Reverse Flash" and get it signed by Tom Cavanagh, who was one of the celebrity guests. There were only two copies of Flash #139 on the floor, at the same price, and he settled on the one that was slabbed - good choice. He bought it from a local guy, Pop'n'Comics or Morse Comics... I believe. And I have to say, Tom Cavanagh treated my kid like gold. It was my son's birthday and, after learning that, Cavanagh came out of his booth, spent extra time talking to him, and even got Danielle Panabaker "Killer Frost" to wish him a happy birthday. For him, it was a special experience. Some pics:
  6. Pre-pandemic, I’d always hit his booth early. I was there Friday and was glad to see that he set up this year. While Todd wasn’t there, his booth had tons of beautiful, sharp bronze books at fantastic prices. Here’s some of the books purchased from Lange: Walked away from the show with a few boxes. And this from Roger at Collector’s Zone:
  7. Very sorry to hear about this. I've had the pleasure of exchanging messages with Thomas in the past. Really nice guy who loved comics.
  8. Special Sunday delivery, Mr. Flintstone. Needed it... Purchased through eBay. Thank you @cd4ever
  9. This book is a real gem - just can't stop picking it up and thumbing through it. They couldn't have done a better job putting this together.
  10. Definitely triggers some nostalgia. Alex Ross did the cover art for Abrams. He posted an image of his artwork on his Facebook page was back in March 2020. Three years later it's finally released. Must have been some COVID-related delays. https://www.facebook.com/alexrossart/posts/new-marvel-stamp-art-cover-coming-soon-from-abrams-publishing/2587286068156446/
  11. Saw the film last night with my family. I would give it a below average score of 3/10. My kids, ages 10 and 13, who are usually entertained by any mindless blockbuster even had issues with it. I loved the comedic ground-level, heist action and supporting cast in the first Ant-Man, and the sequel that built upon the first film worked. But in the third instalment, the "Ant-Man family" is jettisoned off Jumanji-style to a micro-CGI quantum universe for two hours. Still not enough time to build any attachment to the characters introduced or care about any of the nonsense that goes on in that wasteland. The writing and pacing is definitely off in this film, as well as the jokes. I missed Luis and gang - I desperately wanted to hear La Cucaracha in the quantum realm. Jonathan Majors was a however a bright spot. Very charismatic actor who gave some dimension to Kang. But to consider Ant-Man in the same weight category as Kang is not convincing. Lastly, at one point during the movie my son turned to me and said "Marvel wasted MODOK" - they sure did.
  12. Registry collectors must love negative ROI's. When the primary reason for a comics "value" is low census 9.8 population, it only takes 1-2 copies more new to the market to halve the going rate. When the number reaches 4-5 new copies in 9.8 it would be lucky to hang onto 1/5 of the "value" . Iron Man #80. Two 9.8 copies on the census; first recorded sale Feb. 8th hits $1,602.00. This might be the first 9.8 copy to market. Congrats @NewWorldOrder BTW. I've been sitting on this "9.8 potential" book for a while and was planning to submit one of these days. Referencing the comments above, would you predict 1/5th value if one or two more copies are brought to market? Regardless, one of my all-time favourite covers!
  13. A total of 70 books read - you are off to the races! This is a series I'd love to read from start to finish.
  14. Last issue of 1st Issue Special