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Yeah, great copy. I have a 6.5 and it's the only copy I've ever had. I have mine priced a bit high because it's just one of those books that's super tough in anything higher grade. It's also one of those books that at shows if you have one on your wall it's usually the only one.

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Basically, I feel like the majority of the copies in existence are either secured in collections and aren't going anywhere until everything else goes, or dealers have them and are almost pseudo collecting them themselves by having them on their show walls at pretty steep prices. I kind of think of it in the same terms as a TMNT #1, Bone #1, Love and Rockets #1, and a few others.

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That's one that I still don't have. I've only seen one at a show, and someone beat me to it by a few minutes.


Nice pickup!!! I ended my L&R auction because the previous post... I was like "What was I thinking..."


I'm trying to upgrade my IH181... so Im liquidating 4-5 issues from my PC to do so... now I'm thinking about Bone #1...

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Swapped out some of my blue labels for some more Dave Sim File Copies... I found that the file copies where by far in superior condition versus the blue labels I had... Thanks to Doug at Paradise comics for the excellent service!!!!

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13 hours ago, Off Panel said:

Thanks, Wolverinex.

When I handed this book to Dave Sim to sign, he squinted his eyes at me and smiled and said,"Is this a real copy or a counterfeit? You know I don't sign the counterfeits."

I told him I was about 90% sure it was real, and he said, "We'll see. I can tell, you know."

And he was kind of grinning, but also kind of acting like a hard-(case), and so I really couldn't tell how serious he was about it. He checked the front and back covers, then the inside cover, and then he looked legitimately surprised and said, "Wow. This one is real. Nice job!"

I had brought a silver thin-tipped marker for him to use to sign the front cover (because a friend had told me 'that's the way it's done'), but when I tried to hand it to him, he said. "Nah, you don't want silver marker on the cover of a real Cerebus #1. It'll mess it up. I'll sign it, but I'm going to sign the splash page with a regular pen. That's the way you want it."

And as he was signing the book, I realized that really was the way I wanted it. I'm not a big signature guy, and I really didn't want somebody to mark up the cover of my book. The fact that I was letting him write on the book at all was really a testament to how much I enjoyed Cerebus and loved Dave's work. (Yes, he was doing me a huge favor by signing the book, and yes, I had asked him to, but deep down I was actually fighting every instinct by not yelling, "Ahhhh! Don't write on that!")

When he finished, he drew a head sketch of Cerebus for my wife, and was just as kind and charming a creator as you could ever hope to meet. I know people have very different experiences of Dave Sim, but in my case I can say that meeting him was a genuine pleasure.


That's such an amazing story. You also preserved the value of your comic.

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