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I have scanned and entered all my graded books into the registry. I plan on being more active in trying to move up the charts in registry points. I know the "registry" may not be perfect but this is more of a competition with myself and setting marks to move up the list.

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I'm getting these ready and will hopefully get them shipped out tomorrow for grading.


Amazing Spider-man 19

Amazing Spider-Man 31

Amazing Spider-man 47

Captain America 135---Susha News

Creatures on the Loose 12----Twin Cities

Iron Man 39---Twin Cities

Iron Man 54---Twin Cities

Nick Fury 15

Our Army at War 206

Showcase 55

Showcase 57

Special Marvel Edition 15

Star Spangled War Stories 151

Sgt Fury 76---Savannah Copy

X-men 7


After these are out I'm going to work on getting a modern 10 book lot out for grading.


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From the list above I have scanned the front and back covers of each issue and I will post the books once they come back graded. If you want to play along with what's the grade here they are.


Amazing Spider-Man 19

This book does have about an inch and a half spine split on the lower area and the bottom staple is rusty


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