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  1. Show was great it was nice to be back digging and wheeling and dealing. Hip upgrade felt great with the 8 hour car drive round trip. Stayed at the show just under 3 hours lost track of time almost forgot what it was like to enjoy the hunt instead of feeling the pain. Dealers were great and most were ready to bargain some. Cash is still King. Didn't take any pictures at the show floor but it was loaded with books here are my pickups. I'm really happy with what I got and I didn't want to push it too hard with my first outing. BIG lot of Iron man Smaller lot of Hulk Sweet Conan filler for my run Small Lot of Caps with a double bought on accident A Misc lot of cool books And my bigger purchases of the show. The ASM 300 is pretty high grade with alot of potional it's unpressed and a first Rhodey and a second bulleye. I'm looking forward to the next one If you see a guy walking around with a bright Marvel Hawaiian shirt with a nintendo gameboy backpack say high.
  2. Berkeley Show Home page I am so looking forward to this show. This year has been a rough year for comic shows for me starting at this years Cal comic con my hip started getting bad and progressed to by the end of they year I would hardly walk. I pushed through working but shows or basically anything other then work was a no go. November 21st I went in for a " Hip Upgrade " as I'm calling it and 5 weeks out I feel like a new person. I'm walking with a little limp (getting a little better each day) and this is going to be my first show post upgrade so all you dealers bring your drekkie marvels and don't forget your star books there may be a couple of middle age guys looking for droids , Ewoks and some top dogs Hope you don't mind me pimping your show Marc @HouseofComics.Com but this is hopefully me getting back to my roots where I was hitting 8 to 10 shows a year. A good thing about living is Central Califonia is it's managible to hit shows in the bay area and in the LA basin
  3. I wish they would go back to the hotel meeting room up by magic mountain good luck at the show. I used to go to this show every time at the old hotel location went to the Mayflower club one time and I was done.
  4. Depending on the price point for bulk this may be the change that actually gets me to grade some cards with them if they go somewhere in the middle CSG bulk is 12 CGC bulk is 15 if they just carry over the 15 price point for everything then I'll probably just leave my stuff raw if they go in the middle or go to 12 like csg then in July I'll start sending stuff in. for the announcement of pricing.
  5. In my opion the book really drops off after the Return of the Jedi mini and when Han is out of carbonite and back in the series. By issue 82 I think the book was in a death spin which keep getting worse with each issue until they put it out of it's misery with 107. That being said growing up issue 17, 26 , and 47 where some of my favorite issues in comics at a young age. This is the first time I've finally did a complete read through of the series and it held up pretty well. I enjoyed the read for the nostalgia and the art and stories were pretty good. It's an overall
  6. Just finished Star wars marvel 1977 1-107 with the 3 annuals and the return of the jedi mini 1-4 for 114 more issues Total ----184 Just got the DC unverise app going to try and devour some DC books. We'll see how that goes
  7. Got my war chest refilled after the Calcomic Con. I'm planning on being there
  8. Looking forward to this hopefully they're going toi be able to pull the SDCC comic dealers list like the previous shows.
  9. I'm trying to keep a 10 book a day pace. It's not been too tough although my TV veiwing is cut way down I ususally read a little with my doowntime at work or in-between calls and after I'm settled in after work and my wife and I are done for the night. Tomb is a decent read never felt like Blade was "movie Blade" at really any point. The series is a good read though and Marv Wolfman keep the pace pretty tight and Like I said before Gene Colan really did a outstanding job.
  10. Keep working on my Marvel runs and try staying focused on buying books that I'm proud to have in my collection. Oh and a Witchcraft 2 found one now I just need to convince the owner to sell it to me for a good price
  11. Just finished Tomb of Dracula the 1972 Marvel run 1-70. Pretty good and I think it made me appeciate Gene Colan more. Probably should get the Giant Size Draculas and the Dracula Lives Magazines in at some point. Going to read the Star Wars 1977 marvel run next Total ----70
  12. I read quite a bit this year but didn't really track anything. Think i'll play along next year and track stuff better this coming year. Congratulations to the people on their reading accomplishments. It's nice to see what people like and peoples different taste in books. I'll definently be leaning towards Marvel in my reading choices. Getting my digital library prepped for the upcoming year