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Brave Bold 54 CGC 9.4 WHITE

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Never buy SOLELY for investment purposes. Buy the comic b/c u like it & the heroes. That way if the silver DC market flatlines next yr, u won't loose any sleep over a potentially cold book.


Very sound advice Odin, this maxim should be applied to any comic purchase.

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On eBay I only have 1 record of a 9.4 in the last 11 months. Brought a high bid of $676 on 11/11/02. Don't know the page color or if it met reserve.


Some other high bids during the last 11 months:


CGC 9.2 $380 on 12/22/02

CGC 9.2 $499.95 on 12/22/02.

CGC 9.0 $305 on 10/22/02

CGC 9.0 $317.54 on 11/25/02

CGC 9.0 $349.95 on 01/27/03


I don't have a record of any 9.6 or 9.8 auctions.




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I am a B&B fanatic and so hopefully can give you some insight around this series and book. B&B's have seen significant market movement over the last 12 - 18 months. In particular the keys (i.e. JLA's, Hawkman and Titans) have seen large gains. There are not a lot of high grade books available (9.4, 9.6) for this series and therefore any books with these grades are achieving high multiples.


The Titans book is important but it should be pointed out that unlike 28 (JLA) and 34 (Hawkman) this book has a 9.6 (2) already graded.


Given that Titans has had a large shift upward and the fact that a 9.6 exists I certainly would not have paid over $1000 for a 9.4. Having said that B&B's have been undervalued for a long time and I believe that there is still real opportunity for further upward movement.


I certainly would love to upgrade my 9.0 to a 9.4 but DC SA's for Bats and B&B's are certainly hard fought for at the moment.

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Never buy SOLELY for investment purposes


Absolutely not!! I love this book and always wanted it in my collection. But I consider many things when I buy a book. I really asked the question to see that I do not overpay. I am about to purchase one and I don't want to screw myself like I did by buying a WW #1 for $330!!...I think supapimp or someone is selling the book for $250 or so...well you get my drift!



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