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1st Smurfs 1958 (yes 1958) Spirou 1071/1072 Club
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On 4/16/2019 at 12:12 AM, Spiderturtle said:


Looks like both copies will be in the Comiclink featured auction in May.  Of course at the moment neither book is part of the banner for their May auction.  Ghost Rider 1 cgc 9.6 is a book that is part of the current banner.  I know most people don't know about these 2 books but it's safe to say these Spirou are much more important than Ghost Rider in pop culture

spirou 1071.png

spirou 1072.png

these 2 bad boys are going to auction tomorrow 05-15-2019 over at comiclink. Highest graded 

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1 hour ago, Frederic9494 said:

Any idea on the valuation of those?

Don't have a BDM price guide handy...



Spirou 1071 cgc 9.2 sold for $15,000 and a spirou 1072 cgc 9.4 sold for $22,500 in April 2018.  I’m a big fan of the book.  Easily the most underrated books in the silver age in regards to pop culture importance

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On 4/23/2019 at 6:34 PM, Spiderturtle said:
On 4/23/2019 at 1:26 PM, gnoe said:

Comparing the 1072 covers I discovered an interesting detail.


There's a Smurf lounging in the O of the Spirou version. The same Smurf & one to the left are missing some body parts in the Robbedoes version.
This bloodbath happened when they replaced the Spirou font.

From this we can conclude that Spirou came out before Robbedoes or the cover was drawn with the word "Spirou" in mind

That could become a very important point. 

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8 hours ago, Spiderturtle said:

What grades are you expecting?

The actual grades +1, like most people on this board :)

It could be anywhere between 3 and 9, that's how little I know about the grading process. I'll post the grades once I know.

This is my second submission, the first one with the Robbedoes magazines is currently 'received'.

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Got news from CGC yesterday; my secret third submission got graded. Standard tier for the win!
I wasn't sure if CGC would grade a comic book like this but I'm happy they did.
CCS did a fantastic job on the back cover and the grade came out way higher than expected.
Too bad the label doesn't mention it's the Smurfs first story on their own.

Without further ado I present to you: The Black Smurfs :ph34r:


Hoping to hear from my other submission next week.

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Having a Smurftastic weekend here!
I was able to pick up a Robbedoes 1071 and a Robbedoes 1072 today.
The picture quality is bad but the magazines look decent.
I might send them to CGC if they consider my other Robbedoes submission as a first appearance.

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Cool little book! I am trying to hunt down a 1107 with the uncut Schtroumpfs Noirs supplement.

I am surprised that CGC graded this since these Spirou supplements are typically hand cut & stapled by the reader... which opens the door wide open to trimming. :foryou:

Nice pick up with Robbedoes ! (thumbsu


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