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This is the thread where you can request that issues or titles be added to existing sets in the CGC registry. (If you would like to request an entirely new set, please use 2019 "THIS SET DOESN'T EXIST, PLEASE BUILD" REQUEST

Please list the EXACT TITLE OF THE SET you wish to expand in your post and the TITLE, ISSUE NUMBER, and VARIANT. It is preferable if you use the wording that is on the CGC label for title & variant. (Please note that books must be shipped from CGC and appear on our Census before they can be added to the registry)

Here are some examples:

Set: Howard the Duck (2016)

Book: Howard the Duck 1 Lim Sketch Cover

(Certification Number Optional)


Set: Skottie Young Cover Set

Book: Black Widow 1 Young Variant Cover

(Certification Number Optional)


If a book is being requested and there is a discussion or disagreement with the removal or addition of that book, then more time will be allowed for the discussion to take its course before the book is added or removed.

When the book has been added, I will "LIKE" your post, so you know when the book is available.  I enjoy responding to every post, but for the sake of keeping the thread from becoming 30 pages long (and more confusing), I will just "LIKE" instead. Hopefully, this will make it easier for you to see whose request was filled last and how many request are left until yours. Also, I'm in hopes that it will avoid so many duplicate requests.

*Posts that have been edited after the original posting date will now be skipped and not revisited. Meaning, if you add more to your request at a later date, I will not fulfill it. Your request will be ignored and you will need to resubmit your request. In short, don't try to skip others. I'm hip to it. Don't do it.  Make a new post for your new requests, don't add to the old one.

If you have any questions, please contact me at: mdavis@cgccomics.com

Here's wishing your new year brings you 9.9s and 10s!



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Hi Mollie!

Could you please add these books to the following sets?

Set:  Batman (Rebirth- 2016)

Book: Batman 50 Comic Pop Collectibles Edition A
Certification Number: 2002187004

Book: Batman 50 Dynamic Forces Edition
Certification Number: 1620288013

Book: Batman 58
Certification Number: 2006492004

Book: Batman 58 Variant Cover
Certification Number: 2006492002

Book: Batman 59
Certification Number: 2009136003

Book: Batman 60
Certification Number: 2009770014

Book: Batman 60 Variant Cover
Certification Number: 2009770015

Set:  Catwoman (2018)

Book: Catwoman 5
Certification Number: 2009945009

Book: Catwoman 5 Variant Cover
Certification Number: 2009945010

Thanks as always!!

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Happy New Year, Mollie!

Addition to Sets Request:

Set Title: Jean Grey (2017)

Book: Jean Grey #4

Book: Jean Grey #8 McKone Variant Cover

Book: Jean Grey #9

Book: Jean Grey #10

Book: Jean Grey #11 Certification #: 1992652010

Book: Jean Grey #11 Variant Cover Certification #: 1992652005

Book: Jean Grey #11 Hugo Variant Cover


Set Title: Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey (2018)

Book: Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey #1 Second Printing Certification #: 1992652007

Thanks so much!

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Hi... could you Please add these books to the following sets, please!

Set: Imperium (Valiant)


2 - Design Variant Cover (1267426004)

5 - Grace Variant Cover (1265055006)

14 - Ryp Variant Cover (1267426003)

15 - Doyle Variant Cover (1267426002)

16 - Cover A (1267426001)

16 - Montoya Variant Cover (1267426006)

4 - Imperium:Stormbreak TPB (1265055002)


Set: Harbinger (2012) (Valiant)


1 - One Dollar Debut Edition (5/13 release) (1256530003)

17 - Chen Variant Cover (1270434004)

24 - Variant Edition (Clayton Henry 1:20) (1270434005)

1 - Harbinger:Omegas (Fabry Variant Cover) (1270434006)

Thank You!

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Happy New Year Mollie!

Would like the following for the Thanos Master Set


Avengers Assemble 4 (2012)

Cosmic Ghost Rider 1 (2018)

Thanos Annual 1 (2018)

Thanos Legacy 1 (2018)

Infinity Wars Prime 1 (2018)



DC/Marvel 14 - located between Ka-Zar 4 & 6 on the set (does not exist or is a foreign publication)

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Please add these. Thanks


Set: Dark Horse Presents (1986)

Book: Dark Horse Presents #100-5

(cert #2008119009)

Book: Wizard Ace Edition: Dark Horse Presents #6 (note that this issue is a reprint of Dark Horse Presents #1)

(certification #2008119006)


Set: Madman

Book: Dark Horse Presents #100-5 (cert #2008119009)

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