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Hi everyone,

Been a while since my last sale. One book for sale today and it's an all time classic. Planet 70 CGC 4.5 Slight (C-1) Small amount of ct. I recently upgraded so this one is now up for grabs. I bought this copy slabbed a few years back but appears un-pressed.

I've sold and bought from many of you on the boards and Ebay over the years. Many references and kudos thread is below. 





Domestic postage is $15.00 shipped with signature confirmation.  Foreign sales possible. Please inquire for rates. 

Paypal, Checks or Postal Money Order. Paypal accepted up to $1000 purchase. Above that personal check or postal money order.  .    

I ship securely and fast.  Ship within 1 business day once payment is received

If you don't like my price make an offer. No harm in asking and I'm easy to work with

Time payments are available if paid within 90 days. 20% down payment which will be forfeited upon default.

First  :takeit:in thread trumps PM

No naughty list people please.

Arrangement for payment within 3 days

 No returns on slabbed books


Kudos thread




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