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1 hour ago, batman_fan said:

Couldn’t find the Batman puzzle pictures but I found these.  The 300 piece ones is closer to the totalI own, may have one or two not shown.  I also have a document I was putting together with a summary of all the puzzles with pictures I will try to find.

Quick note, me being the genius I am, I figured buy two incomplete puzzles and boom, one complete puzzle for a bargain price.  Turns out, this does NOT always work.  The 500 piece puzzles appear to use a single cut pattern but the registration was really crappy so a missing piece can bet taken from another missing puzzle but the artwork won’t align.  For the 300 piece puzzles, the cut pattern can be different.  So merging puzzles may not work at all.  Registration on 300 piece puzzles seems to be better.






I’ve yet to get the multi puzzle boxed set. Has the best box of the set. Saw one at a toy show a couple years ago. He wanted $1200. And couldn’t guarantee it was complete. I passed. 

Yes, the die cuts don’t match up. I did make replacement pieces on one of mine. Carefully matched the color. Real hard to tell. Been meaning to do the Action #1 and another but haven’t gotton around to it. 

The built up puzzles are so much nicer than the boxes. I picked up a loose one in a bag from Carbo a few years ago. He didn’t know if it was complete so I put it together and guess what? 100% complete. Sometimes the Gods smile down on us. 

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18 minutes ago, Robot Man said:

Got ‘em both at SDCC separately myself when they were back at the smaller convention center. Have the box too. Yes, a piece is missing. Actually two. But I won’t kick It off the wall for that.

I just checked my 2nd "Action 1" puzzle (it's the one I'm using for parts).  I would have given you the 2 pieces you need, but the die-cut is upside down on mine so it won't match the pieces you need.  :frustrated:

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9 hours ago, woowoo said:

All you great friends of mine on these boards might like to know i do not have any of the puzzles and would love to get some :whistle:

I am Quoteing myself since i have no message from my friends :preach: I bet know one has done that before :banana:

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Wow, Superman is fantastic, and these puzzles are rare pieces. In general, puzzles increase mental speed and thought processes. When you take a piece of a puzzle, you have to look for the right color or shape, among others, and visualize the image on a large scale to see which parts fit together.

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