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What If...Red Hook + Enric + Vampirella??

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Hey guys - I posted this in the Original Art Forum, but I wanted to post it here as well because I think the Warren fans here would appreciate this more than anyone:



As some of you know, I have a number of unpublished Vampirella paintings by Enric (a.k.a. Enrich). I was recently talking with a collector who has a very sizable collection of published Vampirella and other Warren cover paintings and, while I agreed with him that the published versions may have greater investment potential because of their nostalgic properties, I made the point that oftentimes the unpublished pieces are artistically superior as a more mature and artistically developed Enric was able to spend more time on them and work in a medium more suited to his tastes (oils on large canvas as opposed to acrylics on small board). I firmly believe that if some of these unpublished paintings had been published, they would be considered among the best and most memorable Vampirella covers ever created.


Well, to prove my point, I enlisted the graphic design wizardry of board member Red Hook (Brad Hamann) and had him create a faux Warren-era cover mock-up using a scan of one of the paintings in my collection. Take a look at Brad's awesome design and his spot-on tongue-in-cheek Warren-esque text and tell me he didn't absolutely nail it. Thanks again, Brad for your help and the great work! 893applaud-thumb.gif


Anyway, here it is...enjoy!



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