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  1. Another beloved beater. This book has a few things that I think are cool: "Vampire at my Window" reminds me of that creepy scene from 'Salem's Lot. "Jack the Ripper"- I've personally always been fascinated by that mystery. "The Last Kkrul!" - Well, the spelling isn't the same, but sure is close!
  2. Another ASTONISHING beater. Probably not what they had in mind when they thought about "getting nailed" on their date. Anyone know who drew this? The woman is nicely done. Footnote: "The Horror Show" (see top side panel) was a great literary horror mag in the 1980's, a forerunner of Cemetery Dance magazine. Wonder if this was any influence?
  3. If you drive there in your new Mustang, pick me up along the way!
  4. That's an all around nice cover, Jay. I especially like how they laid out the center side-panel for the "enough rope" teaser. (thumbs u
  5. Yeah, his expressions are great. Check out the figure on the woman. What an impossibly narrow waistline, . Good stuff!
  6. Dedicated to the delivery systems of the world. Funny story on this one. Cover completely split, obviously a non-key beater, and I had to brow beat the dealer (won't mention any names) with "or best offers" literally for months to get a reasonable BIN price. Such is life on the Bay.
  7. You guys with your EC books are giving me Christmas present envy! Great books! (thumbs u
  8. Yeah, it's a cool cover open to interpretation. As for the interior, like most giants from the period, it is a rebundle of unsold copies. Mostly horror with some crime thrown in.
  9. Here's one of those Giants that ya just don't see everyday...
  10. That's sweet! I'd love to get my paws o (thumbs u n a Strange Tales REH pulp.
  11. Don't think I posted this one before, but even if I did it's worth looking at twice. Very cool cover, IMO.
  12. "the Corpse Vanishes!" ... what a great Lugosi flick. I love title swipery!
  13. Haven't posted a scan in about a year, hope I remember how to do this!
  14. Congrats on a big achievement, Mike! I'm hoping Santa (my wife) puts a copy under my tree in December.
  15. Does anyone know of a link to a complete list of the Atlas horror books with Stan Lee credited stories?
  16. I love that OO collections still pop up. Eventually, these findings will come to an end...
  17. Cool book! How long did it take for you to find a copy? Since 1993... No, seriously I'm not sure, sad to say. I should have been keeping better records all these years, so even though I have dealers/price for everything I bought, I never started putting a purchase date in my records until November 2008. That being said, I can't say exactly how long it took because I wasn't targeting this one with too much urgency, just generally looking for issues that started with the letter "A" that I didn't have. This book was bought in early 2008, and at that point I had been after "A" titles since at least 2007, maybe longer...
  18. My lazy tail hasn't gotten around to reading it yet... It is on my "to do" list...