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Help, ID the artist/signature?
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On 6/30/2021 at 6:57 PM, Micah S. said:

Anyone got any idea who drew this? I believe it was used as a con print.



Micah got her response since ( see https://www.comicconnect.com/item/928556?tzf=1 ), but just in case anyone here would be interested to know, as I was (Andrei Bressan pencils and inks; illustration for print; c.2009)


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OK, gang! I got another incomplete jam piece and am trying to identify some of the signatures. One of these days I'm going to remember to bring these incomplete pieces to a convention instead of leaving them home.

??: Beast

Whilce Portacio: Bishop

Tom Raney: Phoenix

??: Nightcrawler

Joseph Rubinstein: Wolverine

??: Kitty Pryde

??: Storm

Jim Towe: Illyana

??: Another Illyana, or somebody else?

??: Gambit throwing card

? Griffin: Rogue


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Can anyone help identify the artist of this Dealthlok illustration?  It was done for a fundraiser auction for Rich Buckler in 2016, but there's no identifying info apart from the signature, which I haven't been able to make out.



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Another month, another collection of unattributed secondhand jam pieces! As always, any help would be appreciated. Larger images of characters/signatures available on request. Several are by "Swat" or "Zach," who does not seem to have Zach Howard's style to me.

#1: Batman and allies: Batwoman (Tom Nguyen), Commissioner Gordon (Zach Howard), Azrael ("Patrick" somebody), Catwoman (Tom Nguyen), Robin (“JAG”), Batman (“IRB”), Nightwing (“Ryan”), Alfred (Zach Howard), Batgirl (???), Oracle (“Swat”), Cassandra Cain (“Greg” something)


#2 Spidey villains: Mysterio (“Skeletor”?), Kingpin (“MLH”), Scorpion (Max Riff), Electro (Kurt Lehner), Venom, Vulture, Green Goblin (Jim Terry), Rhino (Tom Fowler), Doctor Octopus, Sandman, Lizard


#3 Marvel villains: Galactus (DJ Coffman), Bullseye (“Raymond” something), Ultron (Mike Norton), Juggernaut, Magneto, Doctor Doom (Loston Wallace), Red Skull (Matt Wagner), Tiger Shark (“Swat”), Jack O’Lantern (“Swat”), Abomination (Zach Howard), Grim Reaper


#4 Batman A-list villains: Deadshot ("DEW"), Ra’s Al Ghul (Robert Atkins), Mr. Freeze (Mike Kitchen) Harley Quinn (Richard Zajac), Joker (Matt Wagner), Bane ("Patrick" something), Catwoman (Richard Zajac), Clayface (Ty Templeton), Hush ("Tony"), Riddler ("DEW"), Poison Ivy ("Joe W"?), Penguin ("BM"), Scarecrow ("Tomas"), Killer Croc (Ethan Wright), Two Face ("Pat" something -- maybe McEown?)


#5: Batman B-list villainsVentriloquist ("B3NN3TT"), Mad Hatter ("MM"), Man Bat ("Swat"), Hugo Strange, KGBeast, Calendar Man, Clayface III (Zach Howard)


Updated! Thanks for the help already given.

Edited by RBerman
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On 10/1/2022 at 5:08 PM, Bird said:

Juggy could be Khoi Pham. I agree on Cam Stewart and Wagner. It is very small but Two Face could be Pat McEown

I could not find a Pat McEown sketch for comparison. If this helps: 



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On 10/1/2022 at 7:13 PM, RBerman said:

I could not find a Pat McEown sketch for comparison. If this helps: 



nah, not feeling it as McEown, clean line work and first name had ne thinking it but last name just doesn't look right.


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