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I'd like your vote for the most classic GA Superman cover.

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hello fellow collectors, I was wanting to set up a poll to vote for which GA Superman cover you like the most, I started thinking about this after a discussion on these boards about classic covers. some feel that books like Action 1 and Tec 27 are "created" classics, meaning that because of there historical importance, and the fact that we've seen them so many times is the main reason they are classic, while other issues are truly classic for the cover alone, now I'd like to start with just GA Superman covers first, then later I'd like to do a poll with GA Action and then Batman and Detective covers.. it will also be fun to see where these covers rank in the minds of I've listed my candidates so far, I'd like your input on any covers you think should be included for voting, before I make up the poll.




1. Superman #1

2. Superman #4

3. Superman #5

4. Superman #11

5. Superman #13

6. Superman #14

7. Superman #15

8. Superman #17

9. Superman #18

10. Superman #23

11. Superman #24

12. Superman #26

13. Superman #32

14. Superman #53

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