New to Grading - Questions if I wanted to Submit cards
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Hi. I am new here. I had a very pleasant experience recently grading Marvel comic books, and I see CGC does trading cards as well.

I see CGC does Pokemon. Does CGC also do YuGiOh?

I'm a grader on a budget, with a handful of first print cards...Let's say I wanted to send in 1st Year Baseball Rookie Cards or YuGiOh which are holo and/or misptints and from the 5Ds era. My question is: What would be a good amount of cards to send in minimum on a budget. Does CGC even do YuGiOh or Baseball (sports), and what is the best price ratio I should go for on a budget. 15 cards sent in at first. 10 cards at first/ Choose bulk, or choose economy, or something else altogether. Thanks. Much appreciated.

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