Overstreet Price Guide no.9 1979 - Signed Wally Wood Original/Reproduction Art?
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Hello all,

I'm an absolute noob at comics - but I was pointed in this direction from the Newbie Comic Collecting Forum and was told this was the best place to seek more information about original art.

I purchased this hand drawn comic from an estate sale recently.

I've studied the piece under a magnifying glass and I'm almost 100% certain it's inks over pencil.

I can see some of the pencil marks which occasionally didn't get covered by the black ink.

It does not appear to be a print or laser generated.

Was wondering if anyone had any information on it?

It appears to be signed by Wallace Wood.

I did a bit of research online and found the original art for this comic already sold - so is it possible this is a reproduction by Wood himself?

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!








unnamed (5).jpg

unnamed (4).jpg

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Wonderful piece, probably a fan recreation but it's not the original cover art which sold at Heritage in 2007.  The original painting would be valued $120k+ today.  Authentic Wally Wood signature attached for reference, hard to verify w/o provenance.  Thanks for sharing...hope this helps.

HA 2007 - Wood OPG #9 Cover Art $22,705



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