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  1. Here's a character-filled illustration covering 80+ years of Captain America's history meticulously drawn across three boards (17" x 29")! The panoramic montage includes Cap's Super Soldier origin, the Invaders, Golden Age (classic Hitler punch!), WW2 battles with Bucky, Rebirth/Silver Age, the Avengers, Solo adventures, Modern Age, and Civil War/MCU! Features 80+ heroes and villians with incredible details in a dynamic composition by Art Nichols. Link
  2. Proud to add this UNCANNY X-MEN #95 (1975) page with full team and the shocking death of Thunderbird. Classic Cockrum. Link
  3. Hello everyone, Dino here (I just heard about this discussion a few minutes ago). Anyway, I was NOT aware the art was stats. I purchased on CAF Live from a collector James Bush earlier this year...I had 2 days to find 12 pieces under $2500 for the show and grabbed this cover out of a portfolio. Never examined the art after acquiring it but it didn't appear to be stated. Thanks everyone for the background info on the piece. Sale is ON HOLD until this is resolved. If the originals were indeed sold at Heritage- I was NOT the buyer-- then I'll cancel the transaction, buyer has not paid yet. The piece is packed up for shipment, so I'll open it and examine it. Here's my scan for what its worth. It was purchased with a faded/loose title stat so I made a reproduction title stat (Wonder Woman), all esle was as received. Dino
  4. Hey folks, back from NYCC with some dealer wall pics. Enjoy! Albert Moy:
  5. Always a fun discussion and impressive art on display
  6. Happy Labor Day weekend! Proud to add this DC Super Heroes Poster Book Wraparound Cover (1978) by Neal Adams and D-ck Giordano. Many of DC's most popular heroes plus a few villains drawn on oversized 26" x 19" board. Link
  7. When I submit hi-res OA scans for IDW Artists Editions, I go to Fedex and scan 11 x 17 pages up to 13MB jpeg, saved direct to USB flash drive. DIY so I’m the only one touching art (be sure to clean scanner glass) Easy, peasy…10 seconds, $0.80 per scan. If needed, I covert to TIFF files in Photoshop.
  8. Super congrats Jason and it’s a fine Phoenix Byrne X-Men page to boot! Jason’s Quest will continue but this is gonna be hard to beat!
  9. HA sold a Sandman #8 page for $102k in Nov I’d prefer the ComicLink page myself… $102k
  10. Here's a dynamic Marvel Age #67 (1988) cover with Wolverine, Punisher and Sub-Mariner by Jim Lee. “SPECIAL WET AND WILD ISSUE” cover theme fits Memorial Day weekend that kicks off the summer! Link
  11. Jim Starlin’s epic Warlock #6 cover "Thanos' Last Stand!" features Adam Warlock and Earth's mightiest heroes battling Thanos and his horde army. Incredible battle cover action-packed egde to edge: Link
  12. Happy Friday folks! I wanted to highlight a new creator interview episode "Drawn This Way with Sergio Aragonés" from fellow collectors Mikail and Eranga. A fresh approach to illustrated storytelling that explores the good, the bad, and the strange of the immigrant experience. It's the inaugural episode in a fun and thought-provoking series of artist/writer/collector interviews that will deep dive into their unique experiences, and how these may have influenced or translated into their work and/or collecting interests. If you like comics and a fan of Sergio's work (who doesn't right?), check it out using link below. Enjoy!
  13. Remember Donny Cates' infamous tweet about buying Garry Leach's Miracleman #1 cover? Turned out to be a recreation but it's now part of hobby lore...