CLOSED: Mixed Thread Advent Calendar of Sales: DAY 24 - CLOSED
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Day 1 - December 1st - Pixar Collection of Shorts - Factory Sealed Blu Ray

Claimed by Pitboss

Free to Claim - Person just has to pay media rate or first class shipping.  Due to region concerns - US Buyers only.  

Pixar Collection of Shorts - Factory Sealed with outer sleeve.   This is a collection of some of the earliest shorts created by Pixar, arguably one of the most creative studios making films today.   This disc is factory sealed and contains the outer sleeve. 

Here is the Amazon listing to learn more about it.  This will be available until tomorrow and then it disappears even if no one buys it.

1. The adventures of Andre and Wally B (1984)
2. Luxo Jr (1986)
3. Red’s Dream (1987)
4. Tin Toy (1988)
5. Knick Knack (1989)
6. Geri’s Game (1998)
7. For the Birds (2001)
8. Mike’s New Car (2002)
9. Boundin’ (2004)
10. Jack-Jack Attack (2005)
11. One Man Band (2006)
12. Mater and the Ghostlight (2006)
13. Lifted (2007)
14. Bonus of a short history of Pixar shorts







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On 12/1/2021 at 1:02 AM, Pitboss said:

:takeit: For the grandkids movie box (worship)

Great!  PM forthcoming this way you can have it in time for Christmas.


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Next item(s) coming later tonight for December 2nd.  I would pay attention to what I have planned tonight for the "refined" collector.  Tonight's will be a discounted purchase on something that will be transformational to one's life.  hm  

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Day 2:  Available until the Day '3' post is made.

MP-25 Tracks Factory Sealed

My price? $60 $55 SOLD to @fonebone6166If he sells, I can easily see me quickly subbing in another MP for those that might have missed out. 










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Tracks is only available until this evening.   Price lowered by $5.

Preview for upcoming offerings... 



Don't know what days I want to offer those though. 

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I have offered these items before but never at these prices.  This is a way to re-home everything. Multiple people can participate and claim something here or one person could claim it all.   Let's see. 

Take ALL FOUR Items

Special Take all four THREE of these items $65 saving you $17.50 and already well below current market if purchased separately. 

Individual Prices

Stan Lee Funko - This was the first NYCC Stan Lee Funko Pop produced and only available at NYCC.  It was not a circuit Reed Con thing.  This was strictly NYCC.

  • Genie #476 Mint in NM Box in Soft Protector - $7.50
  • Aloha Freddie Funko in Hawaiian Outfit - Tear on the corner - $10
  • Stan Lee 01 - NYCC Exclusive Edition 2010 - Box is in a hard shell Funko protector. As you can see from the back there are two rear crease. It presents better than the grade. $65 


  • Mickey and Yoda Disney Parks Two Pack - $7.50  SOLD to Pittboss

Stan Lee NYCC has recorded sales of:

  • $58 Free shipping in September
  • $105 + shipping in November
  • $71 + shipping in November
  • $100 Free shipping in September
  • Avg Price: $83.50
  • Mine's Lower

The clock is on. - Remaining Three Items Pulled




















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World War II Lot of Five 1950's War Comics and Related Materials $100 or make an offer that I will consider sometime tomorrow. This will run a little later since it is already around 8hrs late. 

No longer available. 



Fightin' Army 60 - Very Good 

Fightin' Army 63 - Good 

Combat Casey 20 - 3.5" lower spine split - G -

Battlefield 4 - VG

Spy Fighters 12 - G

Time D - Day Commemorative Magazine 

Life D-Day Commemorative Magazine 

Scenes from the End by Frank E Manuel 

History Channel 10 Disc WWII Collection

Heroes of WWII - 2 Disc WWII Collection

Matchbox Collector Series - German Tank 

scan0003.thumb.jpg.c16601f1b389aee1cd3ea3d986c8bbf1.jpg scan0004.thumb.jpg.b5cd6760c5bb4818017d217a5fdb4b97.jpg

scan0001.thumb.jpg.198f8cd4e5c3d813b67c40621acf8079.jpg scan0002.thumb.jpg.058fe77d0efa93f931e05c33e6b926e2.jpg

scan0005.thumb.jpg.f06f1773e6b3209ff018ed0d01afb3c2.thumb.jpg.09a99c2ad764c1577ffe2bccefaf236a.jpg scan0006.thumb.jpg.5dfdf3dadff63b1a36070cebaecda85d.thumb.jpg.7717452330e53a9ea8d7a6e95a57f209.jpg

scan0002.thumb.jpg.96832c52743f0252f59b1a967d788cf8.thumb.jpg.29b496bba0f98a443251782bad6ff0c8.jpg scan0003.thumb.jpg.74cc38f59a350a6e86fda5903902d500.thumb.jpg.fd33caa991a85cfe843f840af1e47108.jpg

scan0002.thumb.jpg.815929ee64dfac3caa1ed6b0af0e155e.thumb.jpg.92448fa96df75f72fc1ecd7652b6bca0.jpg scan0003.thumb.jpg.4fa6938a48d7a5fa90eedb8e9e168354.thumb.jpg.1648885cd91a6fbe0931e437ac19c647.jpg

66031607309__5B547B9B-2938-43A3-8E0D-FA245D07116C.thumb.jpeg.1464f81bc3d229b90bd87ab9660b3a1d.jpeg 66031608481__6B855871-3EFE-4E3D-B8A9-41D4DDECAC3E.thumb.jpeg.1b569dc26b1f2ff3ab023168b2f2249c.jpeg


66031609676__536D4079-6CDC-4940-ADAA-485721E4FD40.thumb.jpeg.d50871c41418354a025900b1026947d1.jpeg 66031610721__A46BF0D3-C4AF-4EC9-8ADB-8B626FABA146.thumb.jpeg.5eafa0948aa2646bdc1c02237253ee0c.jpeg

66031771173__B85BDAA9-E2BA-49C9-8D8A-97F9296CEEED.thumb.jpeg.6356ff4dcb2d1c79fc14b8793f181ab4.jpeg 66031788853__EFFC25D6-C32B-4BFF-88E3-F1E7077D1F18.thumb.jpeg.96d3f2f39962e55009f1dbb122ac97f5.jpeg

66031789754__7521E071-AC7C-4353-9899-5655473AE079.thumb.jpeg.6cce3afadfd3e1c01eedf89e5c830690.jpeg 66031787785__52AF8733-4EAA-4D27-A3C8-648033A8DE6C.thumb.jpeg.c82546407f975c0fd827bf9e8a967c94.jpeg



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Day 5 is coming up tomorrow.  Cannot decide what to post... hm 

Just got home and kind of tired...

Feel free to make suggestions... 

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Modern Transformers: (Oh look, it's that hard to find Netflix Bumblebee)


Netflix Walmart Bumblebee - MISB - $55

Jazz Studio Series 86' - Loose all paperwork - $15

Bumblebee Titans Return - Loose all Paperwork - $3 Sold to @Miamiknight3434

Hardhead Titans Return - Loose all paperwork - $12 Sold to @Miamiknight3434

Crosshairs - Loose all paperwork - $24

Brainstorm Titans Return - General Release - Loose all paperwork - $12

Scoop - Thrilling 30 - loose all paperwork $6

Overair Micromaster from Target Pack - $6

Lionizer from Walmart Megatron Pack - $10

Takara United Bumblebee with Beelzeboss Growing Pains Custom Kits - $90 Gold Bumblebee is scratch free and was only released in Japan. The Beelzeboss upgrade contains the head to turn Bumblebee into Goldbug and the two pistols. Loose with all paperwork

Hasbro Pulse Exclusives Autobot Clones Fastlane and Cloudraker - MISB $19 

261944416_10158440768782963_2124488002234998235_n.jpg.fbae8640525b9a8fffa4069e6abae0cc.jpg 262335892_10158440768777963_2961988861223770708_n.jpg.9d45e608251cb7faa43043ed21617a93.jpg

262174565_10158440769087963_4371546629422303749_n.jpg.857f6c12d6f9f60775f9d4b7b946d76f.jpg 262311151_10158440768717963_6805908168753680699_n.thumb.jpg.80b6c91d0fbf34e6c450fd46f37d8e0f.jpg















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