Pedigree Comics' Ultra High Grade Tower Lakes Auction Ends Tonight, Wednesday December 1st Beginning at 9:00 PM EST!

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MAJOR DELL & GOLD KEY NEWS! Pedigree Comics' awesome Tower Lakes Auction ends tonight, Wednesday, December 1st. The first lot (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea #1 9.4) ends at 9:00 PM and the last lot (Zody, the Mod Rob #1 9.6) ends at 11:30. There is no Buyers Premium on any of the lots in the auction and EVERY book has no reserve. Every book is CGC graded and the minimum bid is only $20 for this auction. You can view all the high grade comics in the Auction Listing right now (just under 300 lots). Just go to the Pedigree Comics website and click on the Auction banner.

The Tower Lakes Collection comes out of the suburbs of Chicago and contains an incredible group of highest graded and single highest graded Dells and Gold Keys, mostly Movie Classics, Movie Comics and one-shots. There are just over 100 Dells and Gold Keys in the collection and almost EVERY book is the highest or single highest certified example for that issue and the few that are not highest or single highest graded are second highest. Most of these issues have not been on the market before or in years and 40% are in 9.6 or 9.8 and the rest are in 9.4 (with a few in 8.0 and higher). There are over 30 File Copies in the collection and most of the books have off-white to white or white pages.

All 100 plus Dell/Gold Key issues will be featured in the Grand Auction and will be offered with no reserve amount. There are many great issues and iconic covers in the run and most of these books have never been opened or read. This is the chance to upgrade your own Dell/Gold Key collection or Registry Set with some of the absolute nicest Movie Comics and Movie Classics ever offered for sale, almost every one of them a #1 or first appearance issue from the early 60's to the early 70's. There are also some ultra high grade Marvel issues in the collection, all in 9.4 to 9.8. This is the collector's story in his own words:

"I  was born and raised in the NW Burbs of Chicago. I grew up in the early 80s and loved it. I was fortunate to have a great group of friends and live in a neighborhood 'where a kid can be a kid'.

I have so many fond memories growing up, but there are a couple from my early years that stuck with me. Enough so that they influenced a big segment of my comic reading/collecting……
Waking up on Saturday morning to watch “Saturday Morning Cartoons” with my older Brother. Nothing better than sitting on my stomach in front of the tv, current favorite toy next to me as we chowed bowls of Lucky Charms or Frosted Flakes waiting for 7:00 to happen). The other was “The ABC Sunday Night Movie” or WGN’s “Family Classics” with the whole family or just my father. I can still hear the constant shaking of the pan on the stove as my Dad or Mom made popcorn back in the kitchen, while I tried to stake my claim for my movie viewing spot before my Brother did….. Hence my affinity thru the years to collect the best Gold Key One Shots I could, along with some of the best Gold Key and Dell/Four Color Movie Comics.

My introduction to comic books was via my brother. I think I was in 3rd grade - 3rd summer, when I started inquiring (pestering) about his various comic books. He had Groo, Archies, G.I. Joes, Conan, Avengers and other 80s awesomeness. After a few days of probably a pretty solid barrage of annoying and dumb questions, he eventually (begrudgingly) placed a decent stack of comics into my paws. Within 2-3 weeks (He was 6 years older and was a helluva good football player) I finally sacked up and started going into his room to “borrow” his comics.

I collected Gold Key One shots from nostalgia of my childhood with Saturday morning cartoons and Sunday Movie Classics I gravitated towards movie comics.

I was in my late 20s when I started buying raw books from online sites and auction houses, but eBay provided a better source for raw NM condition minimum. (Ebay was great place to meet people in this genre, I befriended the daughter of the Bethlehem Collection owner and Calvin of the Slobodian Collection). About 8 years' worth buying raws from Rick at One Stop Comics when attending WW Chicago every year. He had some butes! I’d say only a third of the books I’m parting with were purchased slabbed. Makes me feel good about the hours researching, all scouring on the web, the relationships created and books/grades that came from it all.

I was a Conan fan for a spell, was and still am a huge Hawkeye and Black widow fan. I parted with all these books as the nostalgia of what they brought me has changed in lieu of getting older and having/raising my own children and sharing the Father Son bond with TMNT and DD with both of them and creating new memories/nostalgia with being a father and Husband.

Now my life has come full circle. I’m married to the love of my life for almost 20 years, raising our two sons about twenty minutes from where I grew up. I have happily watched countless hours of Sat morning cartoons with them when they were little and my Wife and I were strong proponents for Sunday Family Movie Night or Game Night, even if it is just one Sunday a month nowadays with their ages, schedules and travel sports.

So it is has come the time for me to relinquish these unique books. I hope future owners enjoy and cherish them as much as I did".

Here are some of the highlights of the Dells and Gold Keys from the Tower Lakes Collection:

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea #1 9.4
Adventures of Robin Hood #1 9.8 File Copy
Annie Oakley and Tagg #1 9.4 File Copy
Around the World Under the Sea #1 9.6 File Copy
Astro Boy #1 9.4
Avengers #16 9.4
Avengers #19 9.4
Barney Google and Snuffy Smith #1 9.6
Battle of the Bulge #1 9.4
Ben Casey Film Stories #1 9.4 File Copy
Bullwhip Griffin #1 9.4 File Copy
Captain Nice #1 9.4 Pacific Coast
Choo-Choo Charlie #1 9.6 File Copy
Countdown #1 9.6 File Copy
Cowboy in Africa #1 9.4
Deputy Dawg #1 9.4
Deputy Dog Presents Dinky Duck and Hashimoto-San #1 9.4
Flash Gordon #1 9.4
Four Color #625 9.4
Four Color #1258 9.4
Fractured Fairy Tales #1 9.6 w
Frankenstein #1 9.6 File Copy
Frankenstein, Jr. #1 9.8
Freedom Agent #1 9.4
Frogmen #11 9.6 File Copy
George of the Jungle #1 9.6
George of the Jungle #2 9.8
Green Hornet #1 9.2
Hawaiian Eye #1 9.4
Hey There, It's Yogi Bear #1 9.4 File Copy
Honey West #1 9.4 File Copy
It's About Time #1 9.8 John G. Fantucchio
Jet Dream #1 9.8
John Steele Secret Agent #1 9.4 File Copy
Lady and the Tramp #1 9.6 File Copy
Marge's Little Lulu Summer Camp #1 9.4 File Copy
Mary Poppins #1 9.4 Bethlehem
Masque of the Red Death #1 9.6 File Copy
Merrill's Marauders #1 9.6
Milton the Monster and Fearless Fly #1 9.6
Mysterious Isle #1 9.4 File Copy
Nikki, Wild Dog of the North #1 9.6
Old Yeller #1 9.4
One Hundred and One Dalmatians #1 9.6
Operation Crossbow #1 9.8 File Copy
Ring of Bright Water #1 9.6
Rio Conchos #1 9.6
Roy Rogers and Trigger #1 9.4 John G. Fantucchio
Scarecrow of Romney Marsh #1 9.4
Scarecrow of Romney Marsh #2 9.4
Scarecrow of Romney Marsh #3 9.4
Sleeping Beauty #1 9.6 File Copy
Smokey Bear #1 9.6
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs #1 9.6 File Copy
Steve Zodiac and the Fireball XL 5 #1 9.6
Swiss Family Robinson #1 9.6 File Copy
The Avengers #1 9.4 Back Cover Variant
Tiger Girl #1 9.6 File Copy
Toka #1 9.6 File Copy
Treasure Island #1 9.4
Valley of Gwangi #1 9.8 File Copy
War Wagon #1 9.6
Wolfman #1 9.6 File Copy
Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm #1 9.6
X, the Man with the X-Ray Eyes #1 9.4
Zane Grey's Stories of the West #1 9.4 File Copy
Zody, the Mod Rob #1 9.6

Here are the highlights of the ultra high grade Marvels from the Tower Lakes Collection:

Amazing Adventures 1 9.4
Amazing Adventures 8 9.6
Amazing Spider-Man 194 9.8 (Newsstand)
Amazing Spider-Man 300 9.8
America's Best TV Comics nn 9.6 (Rocky Mountain)
Avengers 16 9.4
Avengers 19 9.4
Avengers 29 9.4
Avengers 43 9.4
Avengers 44 9.4
Avengers 66 9.4
Avengers 109 9.4
Avengers 112 9.4
Avengers 172 9.4
Avengers 189 9.8
Conan the Barbarian 1 9.4
Conan the Barbarian 2 9.4
Conan the Barbarian 3 9.4
Conan the Barbarian 100 9.6
Conan the Barbarian 275 9.6
Conan the Barbarian Annual 1 9.4
Further Adventures of Indiana Jones 1 9.8
Groo the Wanderer 1 9.8 (CGC Signature SERIES)
Hawkeye Limited Series 1 9.8
Marvel Authentix: Amazing Spider-Man 1 9.8
Marvel Authentix: Daredevil 1 9.8
Marvel Authentix: Gambit 1 9.8
Nightcrawler 1 9.8
Power Man and Iron Fist 66 9.6
Power Man and Iron Fist 78 9.6
Punisher Limited Series 1 9.6
Raiders of the Lost Ark 1 9.8
Rocket Raccoon 1 9.8
Savage Sword of Conan 1 9.6
Tales of Suspense 53 9.4
Tales of Suspense 55 9.4
Tales of Suspense 60 9.4
Tales of Suspense 64 9.4
Ultimate Spider-Man 1 9.6
Ultimate Spider-Man 2 9.8
Ultimate X-Men 1 9.8 (Dynamic Forces Sketch Edition)
West Coast Avengers 1 9.8

If you have any questions or comments about the consignment process, any of the auction lots or about the Tower Lakes Collection in general, please contact Mr. Schmell at (561) 422-1120 (office) or (561) 596-9111 (cell) or at For any financial related and consignment payment questions, please contact our CFO, Lisa Shapiro, at and for any technical related questions or concerns, please contact our Web Master at

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