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Hi, someone brought this up in a facebook group I'm in.

What are the Marvel Cards (from any set/brand/game) that have Michael Turner art?  Probably my favorite artist of the past 20 years, RIP.


Does anyone know of any cards I haven't listed?  

(my suspicion is that the Upper Deck VS System Game might have a couple more)

I think for Marvel, he's most famous for drawing stuff related to Civil War (the original one), a few Hulk covers, a few Fantastic Four covers


Here's what I've got so far

1.  UPPER DECK VS SYSTEM TCG Marvel Team-Up 2007

         Spider-Man Stark's Protege - Foil Extended Art, Regular, Foil

2.  UPPER DECK VS SYSTEM TCG Marvel Universe 2008

     Sub-Mariner Protector of the Time Gem  - Foil, Regular

     Hulk Green Scar - Foil, Regular

     Dr. Doom Future Perfect - Foil, Regular

3.  Rittenhouse 2010 Marvel 70th Anniversary 

        2006 Card - Civil War #1 Variant Cover

4.  Rittenhouse Marvel Universe 2011 (one side is color, other is B/W)

          Artist Draft - Civil War #7 Variant Cover

          Artist Draft - Civil War #1 Variant Cover

          Artist Draft - Civil War #2 Variant Cover


s-l1600 (2).jpg

s-l1600 (1).jpg

s-l1600 (3).jpg






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