Venom Lethal Protector 2022 printing defect?
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Hey, I know this is a new book and might not be worth much in the future but I have a question on how this well negatively impact the grade.  I plan on getting the book signed by David Michelinie so as they always say “you only get 1 shot, so get your best book” so I picked up 4 from my local LCS.  

Got home and started looking them over.  Noticed a printing error, color rub, or something right above the guys hat on the left.  It’s right in the area of the round sewer pipe.  So I went out on a mission.  Bought 4 more from Atomic.  Again, all 4 had the same issue (to a varying degree).  Thought to myself what’s the odds that 8 books, half the country away from each other would have this same issue?!?  So I bought 4 more from MidTown.  To my surprise, all 4 had the same issue the other 8 did.  So we have books from Iowa, NC, and NY that all have the same issue.  

So question, has anyone else seen this on their copies? And second how will CGC take this into account?  The area is small, probably no more than 1/64-1/32 round but still it is a defect.  Thanks!!


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Gotcha.  I had figured with it being a printing flaw they would overlook it, but once it’s in a slab there is t any taking it out to fix or change anything.  

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