(CLOSED) JBPEZ Saturday Silver age Special Slab Sale! Say that 5x!! 6 books..all MAJOR KEYS. Marvel and DC. Early Hulk, ASM, TTA and Showcase.
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Hello all!

I have sold to many of you on Ebay over the past 20+ years-I have over 2750 positives there (no negatives)!

I have had excellent transactions with: ricksneatstuff, MustEatBrains, Comcav, Comical Situations, Straw-Man, Joshua33, jimjum12, gunsmokin, Solar Boy, Casablanca...the list could go on and on!


NO PL/HOS members!

"I'll take it" in a thread will always supersede any negotiations in PM or emails.


Payment: Paypal/Venmo is perfectly acceptable. Purchases over $1,000, check/mo please.

Checks must clear first...usually 3 business days max!

Payment plans available; please PM me to discuss.

Shipping: I ship USPS Priority mail M-W-F, so you will receive your books quickly. Slabbed books will be $15 up to 3 books. $25 for unlimited. Canada will be $25 for up to 2 books, $40 for 3+. Raw, $10 USA unlimited. $20 Canada unlimited. 

Refunds: There will be no refunds since books are graded by a third party (CGC of course)!

RAWS: Grading is subjective. I try and grade very tough just as I would want when I buy raw books. I will accept a return within 7 days of receipt if not accurately described. Refund will be less shipping unless I missed a glaring issue then I will cover shipping back to me.

Any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out.

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On 6/25/2022 at 6:44 PM, Dr. Balls said:

Well, there goes my Sunday afternoon. 

“sorry, babe - can’t mow the lawn - something important is happening on the internet tomorrow.”

You're darn right my man!!

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Tales to Astonish 35

CGC 4.5

1st Ant Man in Costume (2nd overall app)!

From the collection of David Parsow-

Stan Lee's personal tailor!


tta 35 (2).jpg

tta 35 b (2).jpg

tta 35 back (2).jpg

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On 6/25/2022 at 7:27 PM, Funnybooks said:

just bring the gold now...there's no crossover whatsoever...it's just more work for you tomorrow

Austin Powers Love GIF


Rolling out for some grubity-grub. Maybe i will scan one when I return....from the collection of my personal tailor!

Tomorrow is a new day. 

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