Berkeley Comic Show Saturday, November 5

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Tim and I are putting on our traditional first weekend in November show. Been doing these since 2016.

More vendors than ever and we've been sold out since mid-August. We have Bud Plant setting up for the first time! Plus Comic Cellar and Go Daddy O coming up from LA, plus the return of A-1 Comics, Heroes, and Champion.

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Vendor list:

Bud Plant (First time!)

Lee's Comics (still a board member!)

A-1 Comics

Bronze Age Batcave

Comic Web

Ted Jacka (First time!)

Comic Cellar (up from LA)


JCT Comics

Worlds of Wonder (EdgerX)


Ray Storch

Dragstrip Comics and GoDaddy O (up from LA)

Champion Comics

Brett's Comics

DevCo Comics

Kalen's Collectibles

Antone Perry

Binker's Books (First time!)

Mike's Comics Plus

Sacto Sanctorum

House of Comics (and Wormboy will have some books up front for sale too)

If you include some people splitting booths, it's the best comics from well over 25 vendors.

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I wanted to go but initially thought I was going to have hand surgery which got postponed. I ended up staying home to see my niece who visited from NYC for the weekend. Will see if the surgery is going to impact January. :cry:

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