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Howdy Gang! Yeah, I know, I know.  This is uncharted territory for me, :D

But I ran into a superb stack of  McFarlane Spideys (along with a few other oddments) and am willing to give Copper/Modern a tryout, why not?


I'll put up a big scan of the FC,  note anything else I spot,  and as always,  if you'd like a scan 
of the  back cover I'll be happy to  supply it.

Shipping to USA preferred, but if you want something sent to Canada or overseas PM me 
and we'll work something out. 
:TAKEIT:  rules the roost,  but PM's, kibitzing,  and general tomfoolery  are welcome.

$10.00  Priority shipping to the USA for one to  four comics, well packed in a padded  envelope.   
$17.00 boxed  Priority  for  larger quantities.  Canada or overseas to be determined.
$17.00 for slabs, double boxed,  shipped Priority. 

CHECK OR MONEY ORDER  ONLY  for this thread. Checks must clear before I will ship any of the Big Guns. 

Returns for any reason on your dime, and for any missed major flaw or bad description on my dime.

My Kudos thread:

Catrick339 'Nuff Said! - Kudos Forum - CGC Comic Book Collectors Chat Boards (

Here we go!

Amazing Spider-Man 265,  CGC 9.6,  WHITE  pages, first appearance of Silver Sable
Last GPA was $120

Asking $100. SOLD!




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Okay, one more this afternoon.

Amazing Spider-Man 300

The Big Enchilada. 


Last GPA (this month) was $4226

Asking  $4000,  FIRM. 

Yes, I understand the prices have been dropping a bit since the pandemic surge, 
but I also underestand that in a couple years it is likely to shoot back up. 
Of course if you have $20K and want to pursue a 9.9, then this just won't do, lol 



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On with the show!

Four more Spidey slabs tonight, and a small stack of raw books tomorrow.

Amazing Spider-Man 301  

For what it's worth I've been told by a dealer or two and a few collectors that this one is tough to find in this grade with white pages.
EDIT: I'm guessing that news stand copies are even tougher. 

EDIT:   A Boardie was kind enough to point out that this was a news stand edition, and directed me to  GPA. 
One sale, July 2022, $3120

Asking $3000,  FIRM



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On 11/18/2022 at 9:19 PM, SkOw said:

Excellent prices Rick!! Tagging a few people who might want these @echu  @Gsims718 @CDaBruce  @D2 @Morganmi  @JRBaxter @nicka @JustJimN  @AmazingComics413 @peterchizzle  @Jesse-Lee  

There’s some deals to be had and you guys have beaten me out for books like these in the past! lol

GLWTS Rick!!


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On 11/19/2022 at 12:32 AM, Readcomix said:

I was wondering where the heck you were! Hiding out over here! Sheesh! Get these things sold an' git back over in G/S/B; we need ya!

All in good time, all in good time. 

I have a whackin' big stack for G/S/B starting late next week. Save your nickels!


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SO! Plenty of looks overnight, but no sales. Is everybody broke or saving for the holidays?  
Or am I having fever dreams when it comes to pricing?
These high end copper/modern books are out of  my comfort zone, but I was surprised not to have a PM or two with offers or bundles. 

Ahh well, I don't mind tucking 9.8 Spideys back in the Vaulf Of Comics if nothing sells. 

In the meanwhile, today's stuff is  a  bit lower grade, and a BUNCH cheaper, :D 

Rocket Raccoon miniseries #2, Mark Jewelers insert 
Bit of minor general wear with some color breaks on the spine, whiff of soiling. Flat tight, glossy, white pages

Asking  $15


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Amaziong Spider-Man 253
Second black suit, first appearance The Rose

This copy is out of the same batch as the 9.8's above, but I spotted two teensy color breaks in the black area on the spine, 
juuuust enough for me to hold it back from slabbing. Otherwise a flat, tight, glossy copy with white pages

Asking $20


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