Early silver asm and others without front cover.
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I have silver marvel asm 3, 4, 7 and others without front cover.  It's horrible I know! Any value at all? What should I do with them? No i won't give them away.. unless you come up with a good essay on why you should have them.  Haha

I also have platinum era comics naked and sad without covers. Just any info so I have an idea, is appreciated. 

I hope I'm not the only insufficiently_thoughtful_person asking this







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Thanks for posting.  It's always a good to ask the experts when you're a newbie. 

There is definitely value to some coverless comics.  A coverless comic might sell for anywhere from 10% to 50% of a complete, well-worn comic, depending on how high demand it is.

The comics you have pictured are Superman Annual #4, Raggedy Ann and Andy #2, a reprint of Amazing Spider-man #7 (the comic is Marvel Tales #4), a reprint of Amazing Spider-man #6 (which most likely came from Marvel Tales #3), and Amazing Spider-man Annual #4.  As @Kneel Before Dox pointed out, the fact that it says "originally presented in" is your first clue to the fact that it's a reprint and not an original. 

It's unlikely these would sell for a lot without covers.  If you want to be sure, offer them on eBay and see how high the auction goes.


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I've had fun with comics like this by creating and printing my own covers. By that I mean finding the correct cover images and copying them into word and resizing etc. A lot of real keys have repro covers available which are worth considering too if you had a coverless key. Helps improve your resto skills if you're that way inclined.

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